Are you doing the ketogenic diet the right way? If you’re struggling, here are the most likely explanations, and the solutions!
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43 Replies to “Top 5 Keto Mistakes | Jason Wittrock”

  1. the amount of carbs that you need to keep to stay on this diet will make you stay away from apples and bananas. please tell me how that is healthy. i have successfully cut on a higher fat, moderate protein, moderate carbs diet. you think a 100 calorie banana is going to stop you from getting shredded? gtfo just lol count your calories, buy only healthy chit. get enough protein. don't stress out. if you are in a deficit with healthy food for long enough, you will get that six pack. guaranteed. keto is a choice, not an only solution like some people make it out to be. fffsss

  2. I've watched a ton of your videos today…One thing I haven't seen you meniton is Chia Seeds…Do you use Chia Seeds at all? For me personally, I LOVE the Keto lifestyle. It's simple, effective, and very enjoyable for me. Been on it for a year now and physique-wise exactly where I want to be. Also been doing intermittent fasting 16/8 which isn't too intense, but might start trying Keto Coffee instead…mix it up a bit

  3. Finally I got an explanation. I consulted my friend who red books and he is personal tranier and so on.. He told me that if you eat cheese, wurstel, bacon, butter and all this superfat staff, you going to gain fats as a pig.. that's what I was going on.. So I'll do "Metabolic diet" ideated by Di Pasquale, wich is the same aproach, but more reasonbly, eat as a fats: eggs, salmon, ricotta, olive oil, avocado, some nuts and all helthy food.. In the weekend you can Carb backloading.

  4. I'm on keto since one week, but I did not notice any change. I suppose is becouse cheese and dairy in general. That cheese have 0 carbs, so I don't know what's the issue. Pls answer me! I stay commited but I think I eat too much dairy.. It is that the reason?

  5. Exactly….Patience is the key! I am a Vegan (8 years) So what do you say and help for a Vegan on Keto Diet? (and please do not put down Vegan/Protein and lack of……….

  6. I have a question. From a blood test using Percision Xtra, my keto level is always higher at night and evening, but lower in the morning even though I skip breakfast. This doesn't make sense to me because in the morning I've spend a longer time fasting until breakfast. Do you know why this is so?

  7. I was looking into a healthy life style change. I eat gluten free due to some medical issues over the last few years with inflammation. And I have already made a goal to cut out processed foods, which isn't too much of a challenge for me with the gluten free life. But something I was curious about. I have been trying to eat more chicken and fish because ive noticed ive been having an issue with red meats. I don't really know if I have an issue with it but I notice whenever I eat red meats my stomach will start to hurt so I WAS going to cut red meats out. However now that I have been looking into Keto along with a mixture of paleo I'm not sure what I should do. Do you have any suggestions on the red meats? Is there something besides beef and pork that I could maybe focus on more so?

  8. Hi I'm thinking about going the keto route to see if that fits me better than the standard chicken breasts/turkey bodybuilding style. Should I look out for the sodium amounts in the keto foods or is that secondary compared to everything else? I'm thinking primarily about the turkey bacon vs regular bacon

  9. I don't know about everyone else but inflammation in my body is way down since I've been doing this. I have psoriasis and it is starting to clear up on my arms. my feet do not itch as often or with the same intensity. I don't get sleepy after I eat. Overall energy is better.

  10. Hi Jason just wondering how long does it take for your body to enter into the ketogenic state? Also if you don't get your percentages right and/or have a slip up, will you automatically fall out of ketosis and from then on store your fats as fat?

  11. Just checking I am getting this right you say 75% calories need to come from fat. Well 1 gram of fat is 9 calories and both carbs and protein is 4. since Carbs everything else is 4 calories we call that O for other. and fat we can call F.
    so 75/9=8.333333 and 25/4=6.25.
    add these together which gives us 14.58
    Now 57.2% to 1 dp and 42.9% 1 dp well if more fat we just round because at least so 57.2 grams of fa is 57.2*9t= 514.8
    for other it is 4*42.8=171.2

    when we divide 514.8 by 685 (because 171.2+514.8 gives us 685) we get 75.15% fat.

    So this means by 75% fat that 57.2 grams per 100 should be fat instead of 75 grams per 100 is that correct?

  12. I'm hearing mixed things on the protein intake for bodybuilders/powerlifters, should you take 20% of calories from protein or should you get in a gram per pound of lean body mass? A lot of people are saying this preserves muscle

  13. what exactly is keto diet? i weigh 61 kg, height 5'8, age 24, i want to increase my muscle mass (lean muscle/clean bulk) but i am afraid eating for muscle gainz may lead to fat. is keto diet for me?

  14. Thank you! Thank you! I really needed to hear the words " BE PATIENT". I have started and given up on keto several times out of frustration. I am doing ( not trying ) this this time!  I am on day five and have lost four pounds of water weight. Keto flu is pretty much not a big deal so far. I am really tired at bed time, a real plus.  I have been sleeping well and feeling good about it this time.  Keep up the awesome videos

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