Interview with Jason Fung, chatting about why calorie counting doesn’t work, how to lower insulin levels, and intermittent fasting to encourage fat burning. || Click “Show More” for show notes…

Why counting calories doesn’t work (14:25)
Steps to overcoming insulin resistance (27:11)
Intermittent fasting strategies (41:40)

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5 Replies to “#004 The Keto Diet Podcast: Fasting vs. Calorie Counting”

  1. Best podcast ever, great job!! I've been following Dr. Jason Fung from the Diet Doctor website. Great information. My husband and I have been practicing a 6 hour eating window with an 18 HR fast 6 days per week. Also incorporating some more carbs on one day and trying to figure out a way to lose weight and carb cycle. We tried being strict keto for months but it wasn't working for us and we both have about 25lbs we want to lose. We love a low carb lifestyle for the health benefits but still want to lose weight while not feeling restricted or developing a bad relationship with foods. Thank you so much for all of your podcasts and videos, the information has opened our eyes to all the possibilities. Keep up the great work!! ❤️❤️

  2. Jason Fung is probably my favorite speaker/expert on weight loss. I don't have diabetes but keto and some intermittent fasting helped me go from a size 14 to a 6. You did a wonderful job in this interview. I wonder if you put his name in the title of this episode if you might get a ton of new subscribers?

  3. Jason makes so much sense.  I just love listening to him.  I actually will be replaying this a couple more times, just so I can get the science into my memory better.  Jason takes the panic and Dogma out of eating.  We tend to really over-think what use to come natural…. way back in the day.  A big Thanks to Jason for coming on the show and to You, Leanne, for having him on.

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