The 8 simple low carb living hacks for women – intermittent fasting, hair loss, inability to sleep, dry eyes, cyclical ketosis, and building healthy gut bacteria. 30-day Meal Plan + Keto Guidebook: || Click “Show More” for details….

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28 Replies to “8 Keto Hacks for Women.”

  1. Three months in to Keto, I can't seem to maintain ketosis if I go above 20g carbs/day. That said, I suffer from hyperaldosteronism and pcos and am reading that any disruption in "normal" adrenal function will make sustained ketosis difficult. I've also learned that I am extremely carb sensitive, which includes a BG spike with even "the best" sugar alcohols. I'm comfortable going ultra-low, and I've finally learned how to eat with that extreme carb restriction, but I wonder if I can sustain it, say, a year from now. Further, I can only ever find a successful moderate ketone ke el in the evening, about twilight…anything before or after (all 22 hours) it's like pulling teeth to get above a trace amount. Any thoughts??Your YouTube channel has become my touchstone, especially when I feel frustrated… can't thank you enough!! ♡♡

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  3. I've never really been into taking supplements for working out, but I'm moving to Miami so I knew I had to step up my game. I've been focusing more on my diet and workout regime all summer so I can measure up in the beach scene but needed an extra boost. Weight Loss Green Store Tea was at a good price point & I really like the ingredients all natural. I definitely noticed an improvement in my energy during my workouts. I also felt the niacin flush a bit but not when I took it with food as recommended.

  4. omg, you are the first person who has talked about dry eyes. Every night my eyes stick to my eyelids when I try to sleep. My carbs have been under 20 lately. I also am extremely tired and headaches.

  5. omg I am so glad I found you! first off I'm a female using my bf acct. low carb diet works I lost 70 pounds in the past and got bikini small years ago, but unfortunately I went into depression gained it back and more because I ate like a pig and add thyroid issues. I went back on low carb (atkins) for about 7 months, went from 250 to 190 and hit a Plateau. then I discovered carb loading and once a week I ate what I wanted and started losing weight again and even faster. However on that one day a week of carb loading I ate junk food and wow what a treat I could not believe the rapid weight loss that took me out of that Plateau! Okay now speed up to date NOW. unfortunately my yoyo weight is like Janet Jackson. one moment I'm chubby, then slim fat, then slim thick all base on stress in my life. Now I am back to low carb eating and committed to staying healthy and will carb load soon. can you please explain in layman's terms why carb load works so well even when you eat that junk food for one day and what can I do to stop myself from screwing up when I get depressed? Thank you in advance and God bless. Angie

  6. 50 to 75g of carbs per day and you can stay in ketosis!?! Lucky for you but do not give that away as general info cause that's really unusual. Also, hair loss during ketosis and dry eyes is due to lack of protein and electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium), not lack of carbohydrates. Please be careful about your info and sources when you give them as facts to a public who might take it at face value.

  7. you sound quiet interesting, but as a germane its hard to understand. It would be very nice, when you fill out the undertitle. But I am glad to find your channel. I try out to understand you better. Greeting from Germany.

  8. Will eating 20 carbs or less cause my hair to fall out? That is where I need to be to continue to loose weight. When I get to my goal I will maintain with about 50 carbs per day.

  9. Is it okay to be pregnant and continue a ketogenic diet/lifestyle? Im so new to all of this (came from low fat high carb veganism and vegetarianism). How about breastfeeding on the lifestyle? How are babies on this way of eating? 

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