If you want your weight loss to plateau on the ketogenic diet then do NOT do this!

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  1. Glad someone said it, "EVERYONES BODY IS DIFFERENT". Spot on. I love carbs! My digestive system does not, so I am developing an eating plan based off what my body can tolerate whilst staying vegan. Good video.

  2. Vegans cannot get around the fact that vegan-style diets are not for everyone! Everyone is different. The YouTube road is littered with people who gained enormous amounts of weight by doing fruit only.

  3. "Soft drink is the best thing for weight loss" – Durian Rider

    I can see Freelee getting a hold of this video and responding with a lecture on how you're wrong. And these people insist a fruitarian diet is the natural human diet.

  4. Have you looked into Dr. Neal Bernhard's book on diabetes? I was insulin resistant and pre diabetic and I found that his diet routine really did the trick effortlessly.

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