It’s very important to know how fiber works in your body and how it can effect your keto adaptation
jimmy Moore interview w/ stephanie:
Nora Gedgaudas; podcast –



  1. holy crap i thought you were 24-27 when you said 47 my jaw dropped, even as an MD i found that my knowledge of the ketogenic diet was woefully lacking on experience good videos thanks for the info!

  2. Come on guys how could we ever get bored with our Stephanie… Lol I look forward to her ranting and lecturing with endless energy! She has a great body and personality and knows her stuff! What else does a cavemen need other than her and a big fatty slice of animal meat! :-)

  3. hey stephani i have a question if i dont eat any vegetables and eat fat with meat eggs and butter and squize a lemon in the morning to get the vitamin c is there any chanse to get sick or inefficient in vitamins and minerals if i do that?

  4. If you want to talk about being a hunter gatherer which means you're talking about evolution, then at what point do we move out of being hunter gatherers and take the next step?  In other words, cough cough bullshit.  With your alarmism talking bout sugar spikes and starch and carbs…people have issues with carbs and sugars because they don't workout on a regular basis. If you do, while eating at the appropriate levels of protein, fats and carbs,  all the research that allows you to sound like you know what you're talking bout is null and void because it's usually based on sedentary people or people over eating food.  But you're entertaining though and that's all that matters nowadays.  

  5. Hey Stephanie,  again.  Have you seen the video 'The Oiling of America', on youtube?  Amazing.  It's long but very detailed and supports what your teaching. 

  6. Hi Stephanie,  Been following you for awhile and I think you're awesome.  I love your energy and do agree with some of the others that it can be over the top.  It isn't that you're over the top, because you're not.  You're awesome.  It's just getting to the information can be difficult with so much distraction.  BUT,  that said,  I agree with you that being authentic and 'who you are' is much of your attraction and your information is simply awesome.  Thank you so much for making these videos available to us and for the inspiration.  You are truly a beautiful inspiration and I'm grateful to have stumbled into you.  Keep on…. keeping on sister.  Works without authenticity are dead.  🙂 

  7. What is your opinion on the sustainability (or lack thereof) of the ketogenic lifestyle? If everyone on Earth would adopt a low-carb high-fat animal-based diet, there would not be enough surface area on the planet to feed everyone, especially the animals that we'll use for food.

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