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  1. thanks for the video, apart from eating no processed foot on a LC diet you should know that in particular one oil is very good for bowl movement, castor oil. it is not ideal or tasty like olive oil, but every morning one tablespoon may improve your bowl movement, if you feel strongly constipated, you may use one to two table spoons, after ca.6-8 hours you can see the john

  2. I did not come from the junk, processed food diet to the keto diet…I was eating fresh organic veggies like kale, Pak Choi (smaller than Bok Choi), and a variety of dark greens as well as organic fruit, grass fed poultry and wild caught fish and coconut oil prior to adding grass fed organic butter to my diet…I had healthy daily bowel movements before, but now I will go for a few days without one and then they are huge and compacted. I am talking a foot long and 2+ inches in diameter which makes them hard to pass…I have had to use healthy probiotics to get them to pass…not a good thing…Is this just from such a small thing as adding butter to the diet and cutting out most fruit? Butter is supposed to be healthy with all of the Omega 3's…my body is not absorbing more of the food, it is storing it and compacting it…storing waste is not good…it can lead to colon cancer…any suggestions? Julie

  3. Really appreciated this video! I have been keto for almost 3 months. And this has been a real concern for me. Thanks for taking the time to explaining the biology of what's going on inside!

  4. My scale keeps going up and down. I'm thinking it is my lack of bowl movements. This is the start of week 3 and I'm also only getting a small amount of ketones according to my stick. Any suggestions.

  5. Hi, today is my 5th day on keto… So far i love it i do feel my body kind of sore (wo der why?) i do 30min of exercise every other day i weigh in tmrw but i can tell already my stomach doesnt feel swollen anymore which i love… thanks for your video very helpful :)

  6. I take 2 tsp. of the sugar free orange Equate at night before bed & it does the job just fine, but I'm kind of curious about one of the ingredients, maltodextrin. Do you think it has any major effect on the state of ketosis ?

  7. I get more constipated with wheat and carbs. Too much protein with not enough veggies and fat can too. I don't think going every other day is good… you feel it, you feel stopped up, like bricks in your gut! I just up my greens and fat then I go like crazy…

  8. im 15 and after my brother started the bulletproof/keto diet and lost over 50 pounds and lost fat percentage i decided to start it cpl months ago cuz i had so much problems like heart palpitations and fatigue but now mostly all my problems went away but is it healthy for me to eat only about 30 ish carbs everyday? i keep reading about how women and young girl teens need carbs but im eating very high good fats like coconut oil, olive oil, grass fed butter, avocados, meat from grass fed cows, pasture raised bacon, free range egg yolks and all things like that but the 30g of carbs im eating consists of either berries or other fruits, white rice cooked with butter put in the fridge (forming resistant starch), cashews and vegetables. is this ok or should i be eating more carbs for my age? and also most of my problems went away except the bloating. my stomach is only really flat in the morning. but after i eat anything it expands and looks like im pregnant.

  9. Any suggestions on how to deal with constipation brought on by eating cheese? It has always constipated me, but it is such a handy part of a keto diet, especially for me with all my nut allergies.

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