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16 Replies to “Keto Diet 20 Week Update & Weigh In – Weight Loss – Ketogenic – Low Carb”

  1. Hello you! I've seen your progress, I started my low-carb diet today (I have tried before, worked like a riot!! Damn, wonder why I ever quit…)

    How long did it take before you saw results? How much did you lose after month 1 for example? I am starting uni in october and I really want to slim down. I am 175cm and my weight is 100kg, I am ashamed but I am making changes. How did you do afte ra couple of months?

  2. Great video. I have been a keto dieter for years and struggled with all the "not healthy, you will get sick etc " comments. I lost 57lbs and had great blood work. I had an accident in 2006 and was hospitalized for 14 days with several months of rehab after I was home. The entire time I did what the doctors and nutritional staff recommended and gained all the weight I lost plus 50 lbs. Because I did not listen to my body I had to start at square one. I am now doing what works for me and down 42lbs. Your IG and videos have been great support. Thanks for sharing your story. 

  3. Great progress! Been doing 3+ years of Keto now myself. Weight (lbs) don't really matter… the best information is knowing your glucose and ketone levels in your blood (a keto-glucometer). Pee-strips are worthless because they don't tell how the body is using the ketones. You'll be reaching at certain point toward the end of this journey when things may begin to stall. If they don't stall, great! But if they do, you may need to eliminate culprits that still spike the blood-sugars.

  4. Tomatoes, tomahtoes, it's all about the journey and staying on track. You are one of my favorite people to follow, thanks for the motivation you give me each week. My weight loss is extremely slow but I'm not yo-yoing anymore–YAY.

  5. A food lifestyle should be tailored for the individual. Some might need more protein, or more fat, etc. If I worry about what the scale says I will stress and start calorie restricting, which would make me gain! So I eat what I need, which may be more than most, but leaves me happier and losing pounds.

  6. I completely agree… I get alittle annoyed at some of the Keto Dogmas going around. We're all throwing off conventional wisdom… so why would we than start doing what someone says to do. I like to know other peoples experiences and measure them against my own.

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