Coffee and walnut Swiss roll keto diet recipe. Mum’s taking over the kitchen today and baking the ketogenic version of a 20 year old traditional Croatian recipe called “rolat sa orasima”. I asked her to add extra buttery coffee filling to the sponge cake so we can substantially increase the fat content and the recipe came out perfect. This coffee and walnut Swiss roll tastes great alongside an iced coffee made with a shot of espresso, almond milk, stevia, and crushed ice.

This Swiss roll makes 16 slices and each slice has 310 calories, 31.5g fat, 6g protein, and 1g carbs. Burn fat, not carbs, and lose weight fast.

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29 Replies to “Keto Diet Recipe – Coffee and Walnut Swiss Roll | Keto Babe Rocks”

  1. I made this recipe yesterday. My filling was not great so I added cream cheese and it came out delicious. I used one tbsp of baking powder for the cake and it worked. I am making it again for our Keto Christmas dinner. Thank you so much my family loved it.

  2. Your Ninja Turtle Coffee and Walnut Swiss Roll reminded me of the old saying: "don't judge a book by the cover"….and that applies to people, too, right? Lovely time spent with you and your Mom

  3. I wouldn't mess with rollling. I would jst cut the sponge in fours and layer with the filing. yes the roll in fun but layers would be easier and more versatile. you and your mum are so cute. give her a big hug for me. I am a diabetic and need a good recipe like this and I love coffee tasting stuff.

  4. how much baking powder??
    otherwise, looks great! i'll try it as soon as i know how much to use…
    tx to your mom for keto-adapting a great recipe, & tx to you for posting!! :)

  5. Your mama rules! Thanx for this great recipe, I will definately try it! Although I'm a little worried about putting raw eggs in the cream (salmonella and stuff)…

    P.S.: at 9:26 is the best part ("Idi u ku*ac!")! I'm from Serbia so I understend what it means, not sure about the others… 😀

    P.S.2: Hvala na lepom receptu "Ambasador rolade" i nastavite da nam poklanjate zdrave Keto recepte, pozdrav iz Srbije i svako dobro :)

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