(Keto) Full Day of Eating 1: February 16th 2015

Filmed February 16th, 2015

Sorry about the shaking hands (new camera!)
Cauliflower Grilled Cheese: http://goo.gl/5VbXJA
-1/2 Chocorite Milk Chocolate Bar – 58 Cals/5g Fat/3g Protein/1g Net Carb
-Bulletproof Coffee (Butter, Sugar Free Syrup, Stevia, Walden Farms Creamer, Heavy Cream) – 115 Cals/13g Fat/0g Protein/0g Net Carbs
-2 Eggs (w/ 1 Slice Cheddar) – 150 Cals/15g Fat/17g Protein/2g Net Carbs
-2 Slices Bacon – 160 Cals/14g Fat/7g Protein/1g Net Carb
-1/2 Chocorite Milk Chocolate Bar – 58 Cals/5g Fat/3g Protein/1g Net Carb
-Cauliflower Grilled Cheese ➞➞Looook here: http://goo.gl/6L0HN1 – 273 Cals/21g Fat/17g Protein/5g Net Carbs
-Atkins Chocolate Hazelnut Bar – 180 Cals/14g Fat/6g Protein/3g Net Carbs
-205g Chicken Breast with 20ml Honey Mustard Sauce – 278 Cals/10g Fat/41g Protein/2g Net Carbs
-Spinach Salad (Spinach, Cucumber, Feta, Strawberries, Yogurt Feta Dressing) – 99 Cals/6g Fat/6g Protein/6g Net Carbs

➞➞ Daily Total: 1440 Cals/104g Fat/96g Protein/21g Net Carbs


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25 Replies to “(Keto) Full Day of Eating 1: February 16th, 2015”

  1. I don't mean to be rude but there is no possible way that your coffee has 105 calories and 13 grams of fat. There are 9 calories per gram of fat. I am only commenting so that you know what your true calories are.

  2. volumetrics on this diet are terrible. I'd die. 1400ish cals? seriously. I stuff my face every day full of whole food low fat plant foods and do not count calories. I've got endless energy, I'm slim year round, build muscle like nobody's business and eat 3000ish cal/day and exercise just a few times a week (I've got a 1 year old so can't make it to the gym too often). yeah I'll take that over your poverty macros.

  3. thanks you are one of the few ppl ere who the right and straight one keto diet, so Im diabetic type 1 and this is my 2nd day on it and sugars levels went down from 300 to 145, thanks a lot really I was killing my self and frustrated till i found your channel.please if you can made more day plan meals  and some other breads or snacks for us , will be awsome really. And thanks again !!!!!

  4. Hi love your videos. Interesting to see other people's day of food. How do you work out your daily quantities? Just wondered as it really seems to differ on different videos. Thanks for sharing your recipes xx

  5. Do those Atkins bars make you fart like a wind tunnel? Because I bought two (expensive!) boxes and had to give them away having only eaten two bars. Like, 1 bar got me completely gassy for 36 hours. You?

  6. Wow ! That's a lot better than what I eat daily haha, I guess i'm just kinda of lazy. So.. what do you do on a lazy day ? Like when you don't feel like cooking. Thanks for your videos btw ! Wish you luck with the channel :DDD

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