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8 Replies to “Ketogenic diet: Are protein supplements good?”

  1. When my greatest good friend dropped 17 lbs before her marriage, I had been just spellbound. Then, My spouse and i came to know about "fizy unique plan" (Google it). I actually searched it on Google as well as started using it instantly.

  2. Bad answer. The real answer is, you don't NEED to take them if you're hitting your daily protein intake requirement (say, 1g/lb LBM) but SHOULD take them if you're nearing your caloric limit (say, 10 calories/lb LBM) and have no other way of getting in the protein that won't push you over the top, calorie-wise. CAN you adjust your diet so you don't need them? Hell yes! But to suggest that they're simply a bad or wasteful idea IN PRINCIPLE is just bad advice. Sorry.

  3. Not bad, I'm still hungry because I haven't really adapted yet. It's only been a week but I'm getting use to it. I'm eating gram of protein per LB of body weight.

  4. Hahahahah, I agree with you kind sir. I'm just trying to add some new muscle fiber and lean out. I know I need more protein then the ketogenic guidelines recommend. I'm stuck !!!

  5. You love daves species oil but u totally go against what he says on protein. If you are bodybuilding u do need more protein. 1.5 gram per pound of body weight .Palumbo is the man!

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