Hey guys! So, if you follow me on IG, you may have seen I took a vacation from keto, which I dubbed “#Carbstravaganza” (hashtag and all!). What are your thoughts on taking a break from lchf?


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  1. I just had a 2 day birthday party for myself… I wasn't having any cravings before my splurge, but on the second day of eating sugar, my body began to crave sugar again, and I went hog wild on birthday cake! I feel horrible and don't think I will ever do it again. I proved to myself that keto is the only way for me.. I think it I ever try a refeed again, it will be one meal only. My poor butt might actually explode!

  2. I just cheated for 2 days straight on keto too. I didnt even care or count how many calories, I just made sure my muscles were depleted of glycogen by weight lifting, just went crazy with the cardio, then when I got home I made a crazy big almond meal based pizza with about 1000 grams of the cheap sliced pepperoni and an entire thing of bagged mozarrella. After finishing, my body was screaming for one thing and one thing only, ice cold coconut water, I think it has something to do with my body knowing it has potassium and I needed potassium bad. I had about 2 gallons of coconut water and about 1 gallon of regular water in about an 8 hour period after my last meal from cheat. I'm feeling ok, but since my body is so worn out right now, the last thing i want to think about to working out again…. Im just trying to find out what the hell is the deal with water retention, is it bad, and if I overload on sodium like 4k grams within a few hours, it there a way to combat that and flush the system. I just drinking more and more water, but I still cant pee after like 3 gallons of fluid…

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