Happy New Year everyone!
Felt like I needed to compile all of my progress in a video to serve as a motivator to myself and others. Here is my journey with Keto in the last five months!

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43 Replies to “My 5 Month Keto Transformation”

  1. Fantastic ! Good work ! But a word to the Wise hun, you're a beautiful girl but please wash that shite off your eyebrows. It looks so unnatural and clownish. Grow your OWN eyebrows and if you have spaces from over-plucking perhaps, go GENTLY with some eyebrow powder – stay away from the strong pencil or paint or whatever that is. If it looks this crazy in a video it must be very odd in real life. You are beautiful. You should notice your natural beauty – not your make-up.

  2. All of the videos that Ive watched report results of 20-30 pounds lost within the first 30 days… wonder why your results were drastically different. Do keto results vary THAT MUCH??? please respond

  3. Your eyes got brighter, like you were falling in love with who you were/are as the journey progressed. Initially, your eyes were that of someone unsure of themselves. Congratulations on making your goals a reality….signed, keto-vegan researcher.

  4. you did awesome, im restarting my journey today (for the 4th time lol) and I showed this video and a few others to my husband and told him how much more confident I am after seeing this. and you are absolutely right theres so much more work than what is shown in a video of before and after videos with great result pictures. thank you for reinspiring me, really I mean it and I hope my next 5 months can be as great as yours. and keep posting cause I'll still be watching.

  5. Hi Kayla, you are truly inspirational and your realness is refreshing. I also loved and valued a group called Girls with Ketotude that you are the admin for. I contributed to that community regularly, believing I was offering support as well as being supported in return, however, I was discarded from the group. I am deeply regretful as a goal I had set for myself in 2017 was to share your community with as many people as I possibly knew who could benefit from such a community as yours. Can you offer a resolution? I truly respect and value what you're doing. I'm absolutely heart broken.

  6. Thank you for posting this! Very inspiring. I just started Keto 3 days ago, and this video really helped me continue being motivated. I hope that I can lose as much weight as you in 5 months!

  7. You are so inspiring and I really appreciate you sharing your journey! I'm starting keto in January and I hope I can lose the weight I also failed to lose for years. Happy New Years to you!

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