My morning buttery brew. Blended butter drink for a ketogenic breakfast.

Just a quick video to show you how I make my morning liquid breakfast tea with butter. I hope this helps you become healthier and whole.

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35 Replies to “My morning buttery brew. Blended butter drink for a ketogenic breakfast.”

  1. Elli Craig

    You don't need to find a glass drink blender. Some blender blades will unscrew from the plastic containers, and will screw onto mason jars. You can only fill the jar about 3/4 full or you'll have a mess on your hands!

  2. Tina Martin

    I have tried herbal tea in the morning with coconut oil and stevia but I like the coffee better. My skin looks much better. I am a big person and I got a lot of weight to lose and I feel like my skin is firming up

  3. Tina Martin

    I make bulletproof coffee in the morning. I have coconut oil and butter in my coffee bended up in a bender and a little stevia. It is so good and it give me energy. I use a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of coconut oil

  4. Taylor Coburn

    Terra! This was amazing! I love your videos! They come straight from the heart 🙂 I made this with coffee first! I broke my mini blender due to the heat lol but it works just the same with a hand mixer! I will try the chai tea soon! Thank you!

  5. Melissa Maxwell

    Oh and another thing I meant to mention. For those that don't want to use stevia extracts, you can get stevia leaf (the dried plant) in bulk and add it to your tea along with the other herbs.

  6. Melissa Maxwell

    Hey there Laila. Thanks for the video. Just a couple quick tips for you on brewing tea. All leafy teas have essential oils in them that escape in the steam when they come in contact with hot water so to avoid this you want to cover the tea as it steeps. This will capture all those essential oils back into your drink. Second for any medicinal teas (which almost all tea has medicinal qualities) you want to steep a minimum of 10 min to release the medicine. Just thought you might like to know as someone who loves tea.

  7. Angelina G

    I like your videos.
    2 questions that are a little off topic.
    Is your name Terra or just the channel name? lol
    For your makeup and beauty products, do u prefer using products that are non-toxic/don't have harsh chemicals?
    If so, what brands do you recommend for hair/cosmetics?

  8. scorpiomoonbeam

    Thank you for making this video. Yesterday, I tried making holy basil tea with butter and coconut oil. I hated the taste of it. I didn't blend it though. And I never thought to add a sweetener. You've inspired me to give it another chance.

  9. TheEffibriest

    I recognised german butter. Unfortunaly we in germany have no grassfed butter. Organic yes,but not grassfet. Only maybe where farmers sell their stuff, but you don't get any in the supermarket, let alone to export some. So be aware ;)

  10. Mashallah Abaya Couture

    Hey this is sheila , now you'll see my you tube videos 🙂 anyway great video going to try the butter chai , that sounds yummy and filling , I will try this with my hubby as well hopefully he will drop the sugar along with it!!!

  11. Ramona - Leigh Bickle

    Very interesting about the tea bags. Loose leaf is a better option for sure. I love making tea. I think a regular glass blender would be safer than a nutribullet when hot drinks are a factor. I wouldn't want you to burn yourself.

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