This is what I have been eating the most lately. So delicious. Give it a try. Ignore my little sister in the background, lol.


22 Replies to “Quick Easy Bodybuilding Ketogenic Diet Meal”

  1. How did this work out for you? Sometimes it can take a couple weeks to go into ketosis and the carbine up kicks you out. Curious to know how this ended up working for you.

  2. WHAT KIND OF FATS DO I EAT ON KETO??? Some people say natural fats (olive oil, nuts, avocadoes, etc..) Then others say any fats are fine (like cheese, animal fat, etc..) 

  3. ohh for real? so I should be getting fats like coconut oil/olive oil instead? and are you sure about the carb refeed once a week? I'm worried I might binge and start eating carbs every day if I do that

  4. Damn, you are probably on the worst keto diet ever, you want natural fats, not saturated like you have (the cheese and mayonnaise).Also mircowaving breaksdown the molecules before your body gets to, which lowers your metabolic rate. And just a tip: it is better to have 1 carb load day a week to soak your muscles with carbs, then get back on it… because as you will see you will lose weight slower if you go 3 weeks without carb loading

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