(ACTIVAR SUBTITULOS) Here’s a quick recipe I came up with while experimenting with my own ketogenic diet in the kitchen – only took 25 minutes! Recipe – http://bit.ly/ketorisotto

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42 Replies to “Quick Keto Meal Prep – Salmon & Cauliflower Risotto / Comida Ketogenica”

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  2. Ive been on Keto for about a year now. i used to weigh almost 310lbs at 51% body fat. I can proudly say today I weigh in at 195lbs at 24% body fat. this diet with regukar excercise and workouts is amazing.

    This recipe looks amazing and I cant wait to try it! Keep em coming!

  3. I've been eating nothing but fish & veggies for a bit now & I've seen a big difference! I didn't even know it was a Keto Diet I've also been working out, mostly cardio bc I'm aiming to lose belly fat. Any who, I cook every day my fish bc I'm not sure how far fish or this meal can be prepped for. Can you please let me know if I can cook this on Monday's and save up until Friday? All help is appreciated! Thanks!

  4. I personally love eating keto! I have found it to be the only way I can successfully lose weight and keep it off, while also knocking back my pre-diabetes. I feel so much better eating healthy fats, and I eat less in general when I do. I've gone off the diet a few times, but I always come back when I feel really icky, and know I've been doing what I'm not supposed to LOL. I love this meal prep, and I can't wait to try it! It's refreshing to see a different recipe for cauli-rice than just plain, or stir-fry type. Thanks!!

  5. Highly interested in keto but having difficulty finding delicious recipes, meal prep, and variety. Using healthy fats and protein without resorting to read meat and extra bacon.

  6. Thank you so much for posting! I just started livin' the keto way and this is def helpful. Finding delicious keto recipes can be challenging. Would love to see more keto vids.

  7. I started following you a while back maybe 2 years ago. Then I stopped because I fell off track and today I started looking into keto to start Monday. And wow I'm so glad you are also doing it!! I can't wait to see more keto meal prep videos from you!! Please do more. 

  8. I've been battling with the decision to start a ketogenic lifestyle for a while now. I have a busy day to day schedule and I'm not convinced that I'll be able to keep consistency. I also have some worries about the food costs involved. I know the science behind it is high fat, but nourishing your body high quality fats and proteins can get expensive. On top of that, I'm 21yrs old, so most, if not all, social gatherings involve beer and pizza and whatnot.
    Any tips from your experience with transitioning to keto would be awesome! And any low-cost, make-ahead recipes would be helpful to see if this is a realistic option for me.
    I love cooking and learning about nutrition and fitness. Your videos and recipes have always been a go to for me. Thank you!!

  9. Hi! I found your channel looking up Paleo recipes, just now. This looks wonderful! I'm new to cooking fish and I'd like to eat it more at home, so this recipe is on point for me! (Extra points for the asparagus! Mine is always soggy, baking it on a rack us brilliant!) thanks! subscribing!

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