I have left Primal/Paleo behind after losing 80lbs in 5 months.
I am now eating a low carb high fat diet also known as Keto and it is going VERY well.
One week down [-15lbs -8in] 29 weeks to go.
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  1. Hello! I really enjoyed this and can relate to so much of what you said. Have been a total sugar and carb addict, I actually have full-blown Type 2 and my numbers are out of control. I'm starting Keto on February 1st. I'm actually going to blog the journey. I did Keto for one week in December for one week and loved it – felt super satisfied, had no cravings after day 2, etc. I'm looking forward to starting. Blog is going to be beautifulketo.com. Thank you for posting! Happy for you!

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