What Happens When You Go Off the Keto Diet
Great question from a friend of mine thinking about starting the ketogenic diet. She wants to know What Happens When You Go Off the Keto Diet. Simple – you will gain weight. In fact with any diet or major lifestyle change away from what helped you lose weight or get fit, you will gain weight back and the scale, your clothes and your body will all become the enemy once again.
I wish I could honestly tell you that wasn’t true but we live in a world of cause and effect. The ketogenic diet has been great for me far behind just losing weight. I’m in a better mood, I don’t struggle to keep up with my 3 small children. My abilility to focus and concentrate on work has improved which leads to making more money, I save money on food and groceries. Partly because I don’t eat lunch out every day and partly because despite what some may lead you to believe heavily processed food actually costs more.
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Well, now you know what happens when You go off the Keto Diet


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  1. You can fall off keto and not gain weight. It's literally calories in calories out but Keto gets it off quicker. If you switch back to carbs with same calories it'll be fine

  2. The more reason to get a gym membership and build some lean tissue (muscle), that way you will increase your metabolism and be able to avoid excessive weight gain as more muscle mass = more calories burned daily period.

  3. your metabolism is mostly in sync with your activity levels. obviously there are people with higher and lower metabolism but generally speaking low activity = low metabolism and vise versa.

  4. Hi Josh. I enjoyed the video. I have had type 2 diabetes for thirty years. I have had five toes amputated because of this disease. I began a ketogenic diet December 15, 2015. At the time my weight was 255lbs. And my A1C was over 10. I was on pills and injecting insulin every day. Since that time I have lost 70lbs. And come off all my medications. My acid reflux is gone and so is my sleep apnea. People this diet works! Good luck all!

  5. Sadly, I feel a large number of people commenting on this post are missing the point of the video… If you make ANY MAJOR shift in eating style you will either gain or lose weight, PERIOD. Stop fighting over if being vegan is better than low carb or keto or whatever…

    I really don't care what you think about what the BEST way is –
    that is not the point of this video.

    This channel is to share my journey and share insight into what has worked for me. If you have other opinions or ideas, please feel free to start a channel sharing your thoughts. Everyone is different, everyone will achieve different results and needs to find what works for them long term.

    That said, thanks for stopping by and watching my video. :)

  6. I was 218 lbs back in February, I started Keto, eating under 20 grams of carbs a day and I am now down to 169 lb. I had a bit of a weight loss plateau half way and added running to my diet plan.

    I now eat low carb (under 20 grams a day) week days and what I want on the weekends, I have also kept up the running, 3 times a week, 5k twice and a 10k. I am still loosing weight and getting fitter.

    I think Keto is a really useful tool for rapid weight loss, but you still need exercise. I also think that eating carbs only on the weekends is helping my continued weight loss.

  7. Hello Josh. I'm 73 and over the past six months I've lost 25lbs on the Keto way of eating. It's been hard because I can't eat any kind of crunchy food – not even salad, because of no lower teeth. It's true, if you go off the Keto you WILL gain weight. I went off for just a week, going back to even healthy grains like oatmeal & wheat bread & fruits, and gained five pounds. Go off it for just a day and plateau or gain a pound. I did find out the week I went off, when I got back on, I lost 12lbs in the following 4 weeks. All in all I still have another 25-30 lbs to lose to reach my desired weight @ 5'4". To maintain, I know I'll have to eat Keto the rest of my life. So I've determined to give myself that week of fruits and breads etc, every three or four months. OH! and my doctor says I'm now as healthy as a 50 yr old! YES!!

  8. You do not need to much keto diet.. u can eat carbs to lose weight i did 100 pound lost with carbs and mid proteins… some fats. I had 300 pounds after i had 190 pounds…. and never keto diet. 34 years i am. keto diet is good to clean your body for 14 days rest is not heathy. Carbs to stay minimum 100 man, women 50. PRoteins 120 and fats 100 grams. ANd training cardio.

  9. Something else that I would like to add he said something about replacing the carbs and the sugar or something like that. The way that I replaced junkfood was eating healthy snacks and eating them in small amounts such as peanuts. Peanutshave a high fat content however it's a good fat but they also have lots of protein it's a simple and fast snack to give you plenty of calories the good fat and it also gives you protein. I also consume 2 to 4 servings of fruit which gives me sugar but it's not as much as an energy drink or pop or candy and it's satisfying so that works out for me.

  10. I don't really like the word diet. I prefer to say that I have healthy eating habits. I don't drink pop or eat junk food. I take one or two protein shakes a day, and I eat lots of fish and chicken and beef once a week mostly because beef is expensive. I also consume a lot of good carbs. Most of my carbs which I consume our complex and always some are simple carbs. I have an excellent workout program which consist of cardio and lifting weights. Once I made these healthy eating decisions and habits my weight started dropping off my body pretty fast.

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