1st Grocery Haul For 2017 – Low Carb Keto Diet Foods – Australia – a Ketogenic Diet food haul from ALDI and Coles for weight loss.
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11 Replies to “1st Grocery Haul For 2017 – Low Carb Keto Diet Foods – Australia”

  1. Hey, I buy organic beef sausages from safeway, there only 1 carb per sausage..I get them when there on special, usually $ 8 for back of 6, but I got them half price$4 for a pack and got 2 of them.
    I find safeway good for getting meat on special rather than the other supermarkets. so I always make sure to look around. also when I'm feeling lazy I get the hot roast primo meat from deli section, it's already cooked, an really delicious!
    great vlog again, an happy new year to ya.x

  2. great haul. good to see so it shows me im doing the same thing and on the right track. im not liking celery so it would be interesting to see how you use that. also do you cook the zuccini noodles? i love my cream went without it for years. love Aldis too. thx

  3. Just starting the keto life style. Do you recommend anything for dessert. I do have a massive sweet tooth. I heard 70% coco chocolate is ok. Maybe a tiny slice per night. Sour cream smells awful, what do you use that with. My grocery shop is pretty identical. Only just found out how many carbs are in fruit. I love fruit but 12 carbs in a clementine and 20 in a banana is to much. What about almond nuts

  4. what is thickened cream? I'm in America so not sure if it is something we have a different name for or if it's a product I don't know about. Thanks so much love the vids.

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