I’m excited to share that I’ve lost 25 pounds on the ketogenic diet for weight loss while eating a lot of good food and boosting my energy levels. Adopting the ketogenic diet plan has increased my fat loss quicker and more long term than any other diet combined. Join me for the rest of my ketogenic diet journey http://www.myskinnyplate.com


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  1. I unintentionally got into ketosis on about 40 g of carbs a day, because all the foods I like are high in fat and low in carbs, so I've eaten that way my entire adulthood, haha… Ended up in the hospital with severe potassium deficiency, was also found to be deficient in magnesium, had and have to drink at least 3 gallons a day or I feel dehydrated, didn't realize why it was and what my macronutrient ratio has been for the last 6 years or so. Very weird, because everyone else seems obsessed with the foods that don't appeal to me in the slightest 😛 Most people would probably look at what happened in my case as an excuse to binge on carbs all day, every day… I just look at it as a reason to watch my electrolytes ;-)

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