AGG discussing 5 ways to bullet proof your game plan for the ketogenic diet. There are hazards and pitfalls to be aware of and the sooner you arm yourself with these kinds of steps the better.

***************5 Ways to Bulletproof Your Keto Diet***********
1) Bulletproof your coffee or tea. Or Start off every day with some other fat rich meal

2) Bulletproof your food pantry and food stores at home and keep them within easy sight. A way
to break old habits is to put non-keto foods on the periphery if possible. The idea is to make Keto friendly foods something within easy view

3) Bulletproof your food access at your workplace – have some easy keto friendly snacks within reach at work if possible especially for those days where you forgot to bring your lunch.

4) Bulletproof your approach to dining out. Assess which restaurants you can go to. Do some restaurants lack Keto friendly foods? Yes. Make sure you are prepared when you go out to eat and that they have something you can eat to maintain your diet.

5) This is the most important step. Bulletproof your relationships. I’ll probably do a whole separate video on this step at some point because there is so much that can be said. Let’s just say you should start with the relationship you have with yourself and others. Really safeguard your goals and diet. If relationships get too toxic with others confront that sooner rather than later.

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One Reply to “5 Ways To Bulletproof Your Keto Diet | Keto Diet Week 4”

  1. Great points!!! Bulletproofing relationships is a BIGGIE! I have a coworker who constantly downs me now that I have been living the Keto life for the past two months. She keeps telling me how unhealthy my eating habits are and how in the "long run" I'm going to regret "doing this" to myself! Seriously!?!? I'm not regretting the 28 pounds I have lost. I'm not regretting the change in my hair, skin, mental health, and overall physical changes (all positive) that I am seeing in me. I'm not sure when these "regrets" are going to hit me…haha!
    For me, this isn't a crazy fad diet…this is my world now. I can't even begin to say how much better I feel, how much happier I am with me…and I'm so okay with not eating a plate of garlic bread with cheese (even though I really loveD garlic bread with cheese! Ha!) or a huge plate of pasta! I like eating when I need to, not because it's the thing that everyone says you're supposed to do. If that makes any sense!
    Anyway…I'm hushing now. Great video…awesome message! Thanks for sharing!

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