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In this video we go through the 7 items that should be at the top of your keto food list! For those of you just starting out this is a great video to give you an idea of the types of foods we are stocking up on every trip to the grocery store. You can’t go wrong if you’re getting in lots of the items from this keto food list:
1. Eggs
2. Avocado
3. Bacon
4. Coconut Oil
5. Spinach
6. Cheese
7. Chicken

We have written up a blog post http://bit.ly/2bbuZ7N that goes more in depth on the pricing of each item and potential meals and days of eating using these items. There is also an expanded list, where we give you 20-30 recommendations for your keto food list.

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20 Replies to “7 Essentials for Your Keto Food List”

  1. Can't tell you guys how happy I found your blog, you've opened a whole new world for me about keto. I was super hesitant about committing to the change because it seemed so complex. With your informative videos you put out there I can say I'm very confident in switching to this lifestyle. I've binged watched all of your videos and really get a sense of how genuine and helpful you both are. Plus, you are a very charming couple lol love your content, keep it coming. I'm stoked for this lifestyle change.

  2. In my search for lower carb food, I have pretty much settled on ranch dressing for my salads. I have diabetes so sugar content is very important to me. Are you aware of any other low carb salad dressing?
    Just recently discovered you two and I love your channel.

  3. My husband makes the cheese taco shells ( i have to say its quite greasy ) but they are delicious!
    We also have chopped our cauliflower into bits and u can have it like rice with turkey or hamburg. thats a great meal to have.

  4. Hi lovely awesome guys 😉 thanks for the tips for keto. I am not sure if you read my comment, finger crossed. I have a couple of questions, first I don't like coconut oil I eat extra vergine olive oil, is it bad for keto? second I love nuts (almonds and walnuts) and berries, is it still ok for keto? Hopefully my comment finds you. "Merry Xmas!" :)

  5. I would personally add grass fed butter to this. Like unsalted Kerrigold for example. Not just a great source of fat and to cook in, but also really high in a great micro-nutrient called vitamin K2.

  6. Salt was Number 1  I should of been using when I started Keto . Most people " like me " don't  realize that your lacking salt , because Ur not eating the processed Junk .  Was getting Bad headaches finally someone mentioned it after a week of suffering  !!! Ya & stay hydrated :(

  7. thank u. I'm on day 2 and already I have the Keto flu! my stomach hurts bad, dizzy, light headed, dry mouth etc etc. I did a lot of research on this diet so I was prepared with all of the things you all mentioned (Even the coconut oil!) so when I baked my chicken I dabbed the juice (Broth) and for dinner tonight I had Keto Cheese-Its with cut up chicken in my broth with water…I already feel better!!!(Had forgot to take it to work) I am going to subscribe because I need all the knowledge that I can get. really hoping to be better in the morning with no headache! Any tips would be appreciated.

  8. Avocado is not a vegetable, it's actually a fruit. 😉 Also, thanks for making this video! I am new to the ketogenic diet, so videos like this help a TON! Enjoy watching you two. ^_^

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