Back when I was a practicing carbaholic, shoveling sugar, bread, and other sundry horribles into my mouth, I didn’t know there was a better way. But once I made the switch to keto, I was all in. And I’ve never looked back.

However, there are some things that I didn’t know would happen, things that nobody told me about, things I probably never would have guessed. What kind of things? Well, I’m glad you asked.


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  1. from experience i found it extremely difficult to run or jog while in ketosis. no matter how long i stayed in ketosis that energy never really came back. so i have to disagree with point number 2

  2. People are so concerned about scale weight. I lost 30 pounds in the first three weeks of keto, then stopped
    I Did not get concerned as I knew my body was still changing. in the following three weeks I lost nothing on the scale, BUT I lost 4 inches in my waist measurements. my advice is to throw your scale away and get a tape measure instead. my shirts fit looser in the stomach and tighter in the chest and arms. no exercise but walking a little bit. I once was a gym rat. I never could get my waist down. heck pretty soon i know I'm gonna see abs.
    keto rocks!

  3. I wish I had watched this when I first started keto.
    Being keto adapted had been the best thing for my body so far. I am faster, stronger, and better at the gym, and when im not, my mind is clear and my body runs efficiently. Before I would despise the thought of an early morning workout and then to have an evening session for 40 min would absolutely kill me. Now, I can't wait to get out the door in the morning and workout, and when my day is done at 5, I can hit the gym really hard with no down time between work and gym, and I can go for a 2 hrs session and still have tons of energy to do more. The best part, when I come home and I am surrounded by candy, bread, cakes and chocolate, it doesn't affect me anymore. I can walk through a bakery and not batt an eye. I have no cravings. Keto is awesome.

  4. A lot of peeps don't lose weight on Keto because there not watching there calories. My weight went up because I thought downing the cream,butter,and coconut oil in my coffee was okay. I was told ya don't need to watch the calories. Big mistake!!! I'm starting again, and watching the calories. Will see what happens?

  5. Amazing video. I need all those improvements in my life. Have been suffering from bad ADHD and minor depression. Was always good at soccer in high school, but had zero stamina. Started keto a week ago. Barely feel hungry anymore.

  6. dude i agree, i was on keto for 5 months and then started eating carbs "good carbs" i started experiencing extreme anxiety, tingling, headaches, foggyness and all these crazy ass symptoms. Time to get back into ketosis.

  7. 7:08 – you had me at "doing jiu jitsu." I have heard that it is hard to regulate your testosterone levels on keto. Is that true, and (if so) what can we do to combat that?

  8. One keto "expert" is saying that calorie input does not matter and another bright head that exercise works against you. I seldom call people things but YOU are really stupid for giving such a pathetical advices.. you just dont like to workout and looking for exuses not to!

  9. Can I or should u try to do some fasted cardio to try to quicken the process of getting into ketosis by depleting your glycogen stores? And also what's your take on the Pruvit Keto OS supplement, can that also help jumpstart you into ketosis?

  10. I went from only being able to minimally walk for 30 minutes, now I can hike hard hikes for 7 hours after starting Keto. I also lost 80 lbs in 7 months. You are correct, I've experienced all of these. I'm not planning on ever stopping because it's made me feel a like person who's actually alive. I really wish I would have known about it when I was younger.

  11. 1st off you execise on an empty stomach in your fat burning zone to try and get to about a 40 to 50% fat burn to carb ratio. Above about 120 HR and one uses many more carbs for fuel than fat! The body usually doesn't go to a high fat burning usage until after and hour of exercise and why long distance runners are so slim! TRAIN IN YOUR FAT BURNING ZONE! Second, going to a high saturated fat diet is just foolish. Saturated fats lead to clogged pipes and auto-immune diseases. Any diet that consist of more Omega 6 than Omega 3 type fats will cause disease. Since the fat ratios are off iin cattle (higher omega 6s than Omega 3s) raised on grains B type blood types will acquire auto immune illnesses more soon than A or O blood types but you will acquire an auto immune illness most likely before plaque ruptures in one of your arteries killing you from a heart attack! The majority of As will probably die of heart attacks before auto immune conditions. Only essential fats are healthy and do not clot! MARK MY WORDS! YOU WILL REGRET THIS KETO and many other ffoolish DIETS! Paleo diets are also flawed because humans evolved on a low protein diet. Almost always when we eat protein our livers are triggered to make fat and cholesterol. Usually meat was scarce and humans foraged on lots of root veggies! Worse, our cattle are raised on grains not grass so the meat contains more Omega 6 than Omega 3 fats! YOU WILL SUCCUMB TO ILLNESS ON THESE TWO DIETS! MARK MY WORDS! Grow frsh organic veggies on your property and eating alot of veggies will give you a chance to remain healthy. Our food, water and air are so contaminated now from man made toxins, I believe anything one does will be in vain! We do not age by time! Time is made up by man. We age chemically! One of the 3 greatest ways we degenerae is by Chronic inflammation. And anytime you allow a toxin in your body, you body increases inflammation to rid the body of the toxins. And when this excess inflammation continues day after day, one degenerates exponentially! If your going to do anything, I'd get a high quality water filter on your faucet for clean drinking water! There are thousands of pesticisides. So when your local water company tells you they have checked for 150 different toxins, you realize they are bullshitting you and you realize not to drink their water without proper filtration! Don't inhale fumes! Don't touch cleaning chemicals! Don't live down wind from a factory!

  12. WTF? Exercise does decrease body fat. What exercise does not do is reduce weight. Exercise changes body composition, reducing saturated fat and increase muscle growth or density. A ketogenic diet is good but shit dude you are making it ridiculously sound like a panacea and disregarding other beneficial things. You sound like another one of these scammers or bullshitters who take advantage of other people by piggybacking off recent research whether it is good or not. I am for a reduction in processed foods and reduced sugar but shit I give thumbs down for this for broscience for salt and stamina and exercise etc.

  13. It is easier to say "I am Keto" than "I am following a Ketogenic diet".  I have been "Keto" now for three months and at 64 years old,  and over 40 of those spent "dieting",  I feel better than I have since a youngster.  Drastically lowered cholesterol levels since dumping low fat foods.  Off one of my antidepressants and starting to lower second. So much more energy, said goodbye to pain medication for fibromyalgia.  Can't wait to see what the future brings.  Thank you Ketovangelist for your help and advice.  To all those who are thinking of becoming Keto in 2017, keep it simple and enjoy.

  14. These facts are true. I was so obese when i started keto, i lost 10 kg in 3 months with just 3 gym session per week. Im so full of energy, i know that my body is full of fuel(fats) so now im trying to keep myself physically active every single day.

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