Dave Palumbo cooks healthy chicken cutlets. Virtually carb free, they perfectly fit his ketogenic diet recommendations. And they taste outrageously good!


38 Replies to “Dave Palumbo Cooks Keto Cutlets”

  1. Cuts the chicken in his hand… Doesn't properly cover the chicken with flour… Licks his fingers with raw egg and raw chicken on them… Places the chicken in cold oil in a cold pan… Uses a metal utensil on a non-stick pan… Doesn't bother even blanching any of the vegetables… Jesus H. Christ this is the worst cook on the planet.

  2. I understand this is KETO CUTLETS, but if you were to dip the cutlets in some flour first the EGG would stick to the chicken better and then the almond meal would stick to the egg better,  he basically made fried chicken breasts with some almond meal flour thrown in the pan and 2 eggs. 

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