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“Is it safe to be on Ketogenic Diet perpetually?”

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Colin Champ, M.D. has dual board certifications in Radiation Oncology and Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Currently, he practice medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where he is also an assistant professor.

About Colin Champ
I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa. in a tight-knit family where my grandparents and other family members lived within a ten-minute walk. This closeness left a Southern Italian influence on me in regards to culture and diet. My family has always valued a healthy diet and staying active. My grandfather grew our vegetables in an organic garden before people even knew what organic was, and he used composting to provide organic fertilizer. Of course, like many, my family’s habits wavered during the 90’s and the low-fat crusades, but overall, we kept the course of valuing a healthy lifestyle.

My grandfather served as the main inspiration and motivation in my life and work. He was a large part of the reason why I am in medicine today and fully subscribe to the power of diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. As the epitome of ancestral health, you will see many references to him and his secrets to longevity in my writing.

I studied chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and played basketball for the Beavers for a little under a year. Working on thermodynamics problem sets all night did not mesh well with basketball practice at the crack of dawn, so I instead focused my time on my studies, running sprints, weightlifting, and martial arts.

After MIT, I worked in consulting for a short period of time. While I enjoyed the people I worked with very much, it was clear that the financial consulting world was not for me. My background and passion in health and exercise are clearly where my interests lie, and thus, I attended Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia to consolidate my interests and learning. I received my medical degree from Jefferson and was accepted into their competitive residency training program in radiation oncology.
My residency was an amazing experience where everything seemed to take off. The medical world is moving at a rapid pace, yet when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, we seem to be stuck in the Dark Ages. My interests were in an area of medicine that was neglected and often purposefully avoided and ignored. This only further sparked my enthusiasm towards health and nutrition, and my focus gradually turned objectively.

As only a resident, I was fortunate enough to be invited to present academic Oncology Grand Rounds, an honor usually reserved for experts after years or decades in the field. My podcast that I co-host was top-ranked in the U.S., England, and Australia, but it is currently on temporary/permanent hiatus due to other work requirements. I was also fortunate enough to be featured in the Boston Globe, The Gupta Guide with Sanjay Gupta, the National Cancer Institute at the National Institute of Health, and the American Society of Clinical Oncology newsletter, to name only a few.

Colin Champ – Research
I continue to research and publish studies on cancer care and radiation therapy, however, my main focus is towards enhancing cancer treatments through lifestyle modification, and ideally, cancer prevention with lifestyle. I have published or have been a part of a multitude of research in the field, so if you would like to read more or view my academic papers, please visit the Research page. While I lead research efforts at UPMC and several other medical boards that I am a part of, my current clinical trial is targeting the effects on breast cancer patients’ activity levels while using activity tracking bands.
I released my first book, Misguided Medicine, to help the general public attempt to achieve optimal health, first and foremost, by opening dialogue in the taboo areas of medical gospel and by providing them with steps and goals to take health into their own hands. You can also check out my articles posted on my companion website Caveman Doctor.

I try to lead a healthy lifestyle in every way possible, and I hope my message inspires others to take health into their hands as well.


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