Here is an different full day of eating.
This is as it says a high fat day. I have really high fats and no carbs (as low as possible) and moderate protein.

Like my refeed day where i have high carbs no fats and moderate protein.

I do this just to switch things around and more so i don’t get bored of the same meals every day.
Also during the week i have low fats, so a high fat day is more to fill up the lost fats and boost my testosterone level!!

And in the end of my video you can see my weigh-in the next day and see that i did not gain any weight. I even lost 0.3 kg 😀

So a high fat day can’t hurt you, it can only help you with your cut. Try it out and see if it helps for you.! 😀

Why live life?
Live Life is really my intention in life. I want everybody to live there life and do what they want to do in live. What ever you like, you should do it!



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