I Got Kicked Out Of Ketosis! Now What? My confession about how I got knocked out of Ketosis and what I’m going to do to get back on track.
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11 Replies to “I Got Kicked Out Of Ketosis! Now What?”

  1. I know what you mean "Biltong is die beste". It is surprisingly to see how much sugar they add. Not sure why they do it as it tastes just as good if done properly without it.

    Thanks so much for your authenticity and all your videos. They are awesome, quick, easy and delicious :)

  2. Ah bless you. You are a great inspiration and so down to earth and fun to watch. Don't beat yourself up. Easy for me to say, it must be so frustrating especially as you didn't actually do anything really off diet. But you're pictures are testimony that this way of eating is so good for our bodies. I love your videos and look forward to the new ones. Over here in cold england you really are inspiring me and I love your enthusiasm. You've fallen off the horse but get straight back on and keep going please! Sending love x

  3. I really appreciate your honesty! Glad you're not letting the mishap get you down!… I once returned to strict induction eating for a few days to quickly bring me back into ketosis!

  4. I LOVE your channel. My family and I will all be transferring to the Ketogenic lifestyle as of January 1, 2017. We all are obese, but my youngest son and myself are both morbidly obese with pre-diabetes looming on the horizon. I have found so much inspiration from your channel. Your infallible honesty means so much.  I really appreciate your admitting you made some poor choices to stay on the ketogenic diet, but I hope you don't beat yourself up for them.  The best part is that you know what's ahead of you for tomorrow.  Excellent work on your transformation! I hope we're as successful as you!

  5. YeY! keep on Ketoing!!!
    we are all Humans a s mistakes will happen! The Good is that we learn from it. I had a moment of Fail my self during Thanksgiving. And now I am Back in Keto for 6 Days and already lost 4 pounds.
    For me I feel Apple Cider (Organic-Raw) really does help. I also like to hear Dr. Bergs Advise, you should visit his Channel.

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