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In this video we talk about Keto and Alchohol. How do they mix? Look no further, we answer some of the questions you may have about keto and alchohol. We feel it is important to not let keto feel like a heavily restricted way of living in order for it to be easier to follow. Most of us like to let loose and have a few drinks ever once in a while. In this video we will describe our protocol for drinking on keto(hint: it involves lots of water!), as well as describe what drink options are keto friendly and which you want to stay away from.

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28 Replies to “Keto and Alcohol | Important Tips and Tricks!”

  1. Lol love this video, the reality of keto and the struggle. would love to connect with you two as me and me girlfriend strive to educate more on keto and make new foods that fit our diet as well.

  2. so i am a polish person, so i mainly drink vodka and some juice/soda. I was actually pretty suprised u mentioned zero cal soda(etc) becouse they are sweetened without sugar or fructose but with alcohol based sugars. Arent these drinks "anti keto"?

  3. You two are the cutest couple Ive ever seen…..on another note, love your videos and the tips! My husband and I just started the Keto Diet this week- We are excited!

  4. I can't give up my beer, however I completely understand that it's packed with carbs. I simply am cutting back on how often I indulge in it. I feel that as long as Keto is the backbone of my day to day diet, a night of drinking some of my favorite craft beers won't kill me. Moderation.

  5. Thank you so much I actually have thought about this a lot. Ya know going out drinking and just relaxin after work you want to have a few. But I just thought it was a no no to drink. So this gives some room to actually enjoy "normal" life. Which of course makes any lifestyle change easier and more doable. So again thank you for the post.

  6. I thought that alcohol is broke down by your body into carbs, so actually you may find yourself with more carbs ingested from one glass of whiskey than from one glass of wine. But maybe that"s just me…

  7. I have a question. I don't want to profile but the lady looks Indian. Forgive me if that's not where you're from but can you confirm? This is going somewhere, I promise. I want to ask about food. Specifically, making ethnic foods keto.

  8. Something to consider though while you're drinking on keto. Yes, many hard liquors are zero carbs and technically won't kick you out of ketosis but your body will prioritize burning the alcohol in place of burning fat, so a lot of the benefit of being in ketosis is lost. If it's just a special occasion type of thing, I'm sure it's fine. Just be aware of this.

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