Mo is joined in the kitchen by Dan, who is on the Ketogenic Diet and loving it. Mo and Dan are making some fabulous bread rolls that are super low carb, light and perfect for a packed lunch or to put burger in at a BBQ. Mo also shows Dan other lunchbox ideas you can have when on the Ketogenic Diet. PLEASE NOTE: EACH ROLL IS 1.8G CARB NOT UNDER 1G CARB AS MO STATES IN THE FILM. PLEASE FOLLOW THE RECIPE IN THE KETO RECIPE SECTION OF OUR WEBSITE – Here is the link


15 Replies to “Keto Bread Rolls with Dan and Mo”

  1. I am so happy about this recipe. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this very simple, easy , no fuss ingredients. Made this last night and I am now enjoying my BLT as we speak. Not crumbly at all, not eggy tasting. PERFECT!

  2. Please put the amounts of each item, the link doesn't take me to the website. I have been looking for a bread type roll for 4 months and these looks so delicious! Thank you!!

  3. I am inspired. My son has Down Syndrome and is overweight due to a thyroid problem. We've made many changes to our diet but we need to make more…thank you for sharing this recipe!!

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