Thank you all so much for watching! See you guys next week! If you are wanting to start Keto and don’t know where to start check out my blog post:

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22 Replies to “Keto Diet 13 Week Update & Weigh In – Weight Loss Journey – Ketogenic Diet”

  1. I started keto a little over a week ago after finding one of your recipes and became curious about the ketogenic lifestyle. I've tried just about everything else, never feeling satisfied and always hungry. So far I'm doing pretty darn good, with 10 lbs down and a lot more to go. Somehow today, I ended up on your YouTube and would just like to say, thank you for your inspiring, encouraging words in this video. Just what I needed.

  2. Does anyone know if this diet would be safe for me to do with my whole family? The only ones who are overweight is me and my 11 year old son. In fact, he is the reason I decided to start keto and make a lifestyle change. I don't want him to be like me and put losing weight off his entire life. I'm 30 years old, and have been overweight my entire life. I kept thinking I had time to lose it but it hit me that in a few years my son will be grown and I have done nothing but set a bad example. I want to try to save his life if I can. But I don't want to make him sick in the process. Should growing boys eat differently? I'm obviously going to google it and search amazon for some books, but was wondering if anyone had any first hand experience or know of any channels where a whole family is doing this?

  3. Hi there,kodos to you I have been keto for a while now. I don't think it is working how it should, ,,,as I have a strong sensitivity to carbs…..using coconut sugar what is your sweetner of choice?

  4. Thank you so much for all your time & videos. you are such a inspiration!! I'm starting tomorrow!! So please keep me in your prayers. I really want to do this I want to make a lifestyle change . I need to lose 40 pounds or more but I will be so happy a 40 pounds

  5. Great topic! We have to learn how to except compliment! I really feel bad when beautiful women make videos and point out all their flaws that I would have never saw if they didn't point them out.  Thank you for this video!

  6. I understanding, I've been on and off the Keto train. I'm giving it a try again. I believe in this lifestyle and want to be successful. Your. Videos are an inspiration and keep it up thank you

  7. I only just started learning about this from boogie 2988s channel as he is on it. I just have a quick question, I understand that with keto your body breaks down fats which is why high fat foods are good in place of carbs but what about cholesterol. Does your body break that down too? Also would you recommend keto to someone who wants to loose as little as 30-40lbs? Love your content and I'm happy to say that I've subscribed. :D

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