As a parent of 5 kids that are fully fat adapted here are my thoughts, and a few of our families tricks to make it work


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  1. low carb is deadly. high fat diets lead to cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and thousands of other diseases. there is enough research to prove this. our cells run on sugar, we need sugar, particularly fruit sugar. Just look up the research T. Colin Campell, John Mc Dougall, Neal Barnard, David Klein, Doug Graham just to name a few, who explain it very well and easy

  2. Respect for what you do! You really care for your children by giving them the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. There is more love in denying a child a coke (and offering a healthy, tasty alternative) than in just letting them have what they seem to crave. Sugar kills. It's never too early to learn that fact. Thanks for encouraging other parents by your example.

  3. wish more parents would get healthier choices .Kids don't need sweet junk . A little neighbor girl roughly 4 years old ,came over with a little Debbie snack cake & a package of 2 Pop tarts . She said , "Look my Mom gave me a good snack ". The funny thing is I had just picked up some strawberries from the farmers market , they were siting on my table . With a big eyes looking at them she said – I like those !! Smh

  4. The last time I had birthday cake my skin broke out! I'm not 100% keto but I'd love to get my family there! We know the benefits but I need to get more creative for my boys lunches. I'd like them to stop eating sandwiches!!!

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