I received a lot of requests from my viewers inquiring about my weight-loss numbers. Here I have decided to reveal my body to you. My transformation has been more spiritual and physical than physical only. I have focused on being gentle to myself and to the world around me, being less criticizing, being more loving, eating healthy, sleeping well and overall caring for my being and not abusing my body with toxic foods and toxic habits. I hope this video helps you understand the importance of adding fats to your diet and the importance of aiming for overall health above looks. when you care for health and spiritual alignment, your fat will shed on its own, no need to worry about the looks because they’ll be a byproduct of your beautiful transformation.
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24 Replies to “Ketogenic Body Transformation: Before and After Photos.Transform your Body and Soul.”

  1. WOW!! you lost a grip and look fantastic…I'm excited now. I like that you are very gentle in your approach and very honest about your journey. I cannot imagine following someone who is like a size 3 and telling people to eat Keto.Thank you! SUBBING!

  2. hello; thank you so much for sharing; i am starting to add more fat and less carbs in my diet; your channel is very helpful i would like to ask this transformation happened over how many months??

  3. Thank you so much for the very encouraging words, I am in tears listening to your information and to looking at your transformation. We have the same weight 145 Lbs a month ago, now I am in 141 lbs, doing great in my LCHF Diet. I am now entering in the Ketogenic Diet, Ihave all the basic foods and lots of meat,fish,veggies,chicken and eggs. Congrats to your success and I am your new fan. Be safe and God Bless.

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