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For people who are interested in losing weight the right way slowly but steadily, so that it stays off over time cutting carbs has proven to be a highly effective way to do it. The ketogenic diet is one plan that has worked for many people who couldn’t lose weight any other way. The ketogenic diet started out as a dietary plan for people suffering from epilepsy. It goes against what used to be traditional weight loss advice, as the diet contains fats and proteins. The principle behind the diet is that it makes your body run on fat as opposed to carbohydrate as a primary fuel. In most cases the body turns the carbohydrates from food into glucose, which it then sends around the body to fuel cellular function. However, when your diet contains only scant amounts of carbohydrates, your liver starts turning fat into ketone bodies and fatty acids. The ketone bodies move into the brain and serve as an energy source, replacing glucose. It is the higher level of ketone bodies in the bloodstream, leading to a condition called ketosis, that refers to your body’s new system of fuel.
This book contains a number of recipes that you can use as you change to the ketogenic diet. It can be difficult to change to a new system of nutrition; not only do our bodies resist change initially, but given our hectic lifestyles, cooking dinner is often the last thing we want to do. Armed with these recipes, you can manage your diet instead of letting your diet manage you. The end result will not just be weight loss: you will feel higher levels of energy, and you will feel better overall. The fact that your clothes fit better will just be (low-calorie) icing on the (very low carb) cake. Enjoy this assortment of recipes designed to take you throughout your nutritional day.


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