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21 Replies to “KETOGENIC DIET: Understanding intermittent fasting results on keto”

  1. Hey Steph, I have a question. Do you count total carbs or net carbs? When I was on just a low-carb diet, I counted net carbs, but now since being on a keto diet, I count total carbs. I was wondering what you do?

  2. Stephanie, I went in to get my body fat tested a couple of days ago. My primary care physician would not use his calipers. He told me to see a dietitian about that. My dietitian told me to see my primary care physician. To make a long story short I weigh 188.5 lbs with 181.2 lbs lean body mass. My body fat mass is 7.3 and body fat percentage is 3.9 %. Is it possible to gain more muscle and accumulate more body fat while on keto? I am not sure if keto is right for me and was hoping for your insight. There are two other questions I had for you. Is there a limit on saturated fats while on keto? What are your thoughts on MCT oil? Thank you for your time. BTW, you don't look like your actual age!

  3. Wow! Why all the hate for Dr Fung?? Isn't Jimmy Moore writing his new book in collaboration with Dr. Fung ? Doesn't Dr.Fung work one on one with metabolically "damaged" people? Just curious about your opinion about this?

  4. all the science ive read about intermittent fasting seems pretty legit. I dont think the muscles instantly become catabolic so quickly, even on a full fledged fast it can take some time. Protein is supposed to be muscle sparing, and if you are hitting your macros at the end of the day, i dont see a problem with a narrow eating window. Maybe im one of those people that are younger and dont feel the stress im putting on my body? Im not being closed minded here, but if somebody else can convince me otherwise im all years. Those windows of fasting seem like a great time to consume body fat.

  5. Hey Stephanie, i've been 90 % strict with keto (I've had my weak moments) for 2 yrs and have had blood work done for 2 annual check ups now with everything fine. But I've just read how someone on redit got gout and is blaming the keto diet. What could have caused his problem?

  6. Best time to IF I've found is 3pm to the next breakfast, and always getting in an avocado as the last thing I eat for the day due to the higher potassium content to last me over the night. Cheese, milk and dairy in general is not that great on keto with IF, even if it's raw, organic and grassfed. It's really easy for me to calcium efflux because my calcium-receptors are shot and I know this from my 23andme. The mitochondria attempts to regulate calcium channels. Vitamin D is a calcium-channel blocker, so getting more daily sun is great, and working out actively in the sun. Morning sun is key to setting circadian rhythms for the day aside from blue-blocking at night. Getting to sleep is the most important thing to lose fat, keep it off and staying healthy.

  7. I agree with some of your strict views but have to disagree with your view on I.F. There have been countless studies on the benefits of I.F – from reducing fasting glucose and especially, insulin. Improved kidney function and metabolism, weight loss and a host of benefits for the heart, brain health, fighting/preventing cancer and the list goes on. Of course, some folks will be better off keeping their fast to a much shortened window and extend their eating window if they are much damaged. Some people also will be doing it wrong…. in that they may just binge on crap when they do eat. As you state often, they may have poor sleep, excessive bluelight exposure and indoor living, stress and so on. Common sense must be utilised but I.F has been proven to have benefits to health and to prolong longevity.

  8. Real talk I appreciate this vid cause that guy sounds just like me..I'm 34 and I fast often and I can't get under 280 and I love 5 to six days a week..thanks steph…

  9. please answer me this question if IF is not healthy why so many see resaults of doing it and its all over the youtube with a lot of youtubers and sientists promoting it for its many health benefits even if you are doing it without low carb or keto…

  10. how do you measure your BF percentage? I also heard its different for men and woman.

    Anyways great video, I kinda like the idea on Intermittent fasting, But yea I can see what you're saying

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