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Have you ever felt like you have been gaining weight even though there haven’t been changes to your diet?
This is only natural as our body’s metabolic rate slows down gradually as we age for both men and women which results in the burning of fewer calories. Usually, this appears to be more apparent at the age of 30 and leads to weight gain. What if there was a diet plan where you can eat the food you would normally deny yourself, gain extra muscle and give you and energy boost? Would you be willing to try it out?
On top of the weekly shopping list, you’ll also find that all of the recipes have their daily amounts of protein, net carbs, fats and calories carefully calculated and planned out throughout the 21 days. There will also be detailed explanation as to what to expect during each phase of the ketogenic diet and the rationale behind choosing the given recipes. Some of the recipes to expect include frittata muffins with cheese, bacon burger with spinach salad, meatballs with bacon and mozarella etc.
Fundamentally, you have to understand that the ketogenic diet works on the principle of losing weight through ketosis. This means that the restriction of glucose energy forces the body to break down fat to use for energy. This process is triggered when the amount of net carbohydrate intake reduces to 15 grams or less. Detailed steps on how to test for ketone levels will also be provided.
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