My 2-week experience of following the high-fat, low-carb plan in The Bulletproof Diet, by Dave Asprey. Fuel with fats, balance hormones and feel amazing: || Click “Show More” for resources…

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Balanced Keto (stress-free keto meals):
The Keto Beginning (total body confidence):
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22 Replies to “My 2-week Bulletproof Diet Experience”

  1. interesting review. one thing i dont line tho is mct oil in so many recipes even tho natural coconut oil is way better and less processed. mct oil is a product not a natural thing and its a sale Trick. you can definetly use grass fed butter/ghee and coconut oil. thx for the review

  2. Dave Asprey is a broscience scumbag who will say anything to hock his products. The most dangerous thing about him is some of things he teaches are indeed helpful and true, leaving people much more susceptible to his bullshit.

  3. Dave Asprey, ( author of the book, " bulletproof diet " ) , is a lying scammer. He talks of much toxins in a lot of food… ad-libbing & making stuff up on the fly. Trust him at your peril.

  4. Also, did you increase your water and eliminate the fruit from your diet simultaneously? If so, how are you sure which of these two facts helped you to feel "better"? Not trying to pick you apart at ALL! Just curious because I struggle with eliminating or adding one thing at a time and monitoring my reactions.

  5. Dave Asprey and all his marketing nonsense has been completely debunked. He is bullshit merchant, selling and probably believing his own lies. Do not buy bulletproof coffee. It's a waste of money and fabricated lies. Everything in this video is baseless and lies. I nearly believed this rubbish. He's making up everything and has no peer reviewed empirical information to back up anything Dave has said. Ignore this crook and save your money.

  6. very informative. I have found myself going high fat low carb bit by bit while Intermittent fasting and it came to my attention that there are various practices like ketogenic diet and bulletproof that claim brain benefits also. This video helped. I'd like to hear more about what your usual practice is and more about the cycles you implement. Thank you for sharing

  7. There are three components to weight reduction – exercise, diet, and motivation.
    One plan I discovered which successfully combines these is the Trevs trim formula (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the most incredible diet i've heard of.
    Check out all the before and after photos and interesting testimonials.

  8. My biggest problem with asprey and people like yourself is using the word "hack." The way you are using it is ridiculous. Just stop. The next problem is your misunderstanding of toxins. If you don't know what a toxin is then simply don't talk about them! Argh! Lastly, why are you always selling extremely overpriced goods and services, many of which have efficacy, which is questionable at best. You're not doctors, scientists, or dieticians. Stop trying to do their job!

  9. You could just use coconut oil for all your cooking, which has MCTs, just less concentrate and save MCT oil for bulletproof coffee. That's what I'm doing to save money. I am also going to switch for brain octane for MCTs that are 3 times more concentrated than MCT oil. I just ordered it from Amazon. After my first bulletproof coffee – wow, did I ever sleep that night 8 hours later. It was an intense wonderful sleep.

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