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  1. You know, we all are born with the same amount of "Fat Cells".  So when you loose weight you fat cells "SHRINK" and you loose "WATER"  Fat is made up mostly of "WATER".  So when you say that people loose weight that is water, "At First".  I think you are incorrect.  You loose "MORE WEIGHT" at first.  Then is slows down.  You are still loosing water.  Just ask your doctor.  I learned this from my surgeon who preformed the sleeve on me, and put me on a low carb, low fat, moderate protein diet.  I lost 70 lbs on this diet and it stopped.  I looked into Ketogenic and herd of a Dr. Jason Fung who has high success with ketogenic diets and also "Butter Bob" who lost as much weight as I need to loose, so I went with it.Everything else you said is true as far as I know.  You've done a great job.  Gave you a "Thumbs Up"I just think that you probably may not have even considered this because you probably weren't as overweight as I, so you didn't loose as much as fast as I did.  Even though I lost a lot firs on a pretty much "Caloric Deficit diet"  It was again, because I was so over weight and as Dr. Fung had said that you will do this at first because of the sudden Caloric Deficit but then your body adjust to it and when my hunger came back and I ate more my body was used to eating 500 or less calories a day then went to 1000 to 1200 and my metabolism just couldn't handle it.

  2. I restarted keto after a long absence and lost 10 lbs the first week (I am over 100lbs overweight 60 yr old male) but have stuck for a week at exactly the same weight despite being in moderate to heavy ketosis (as measured w/ketostix.) I am consuming <1000 cal/day, <70 g fat/day,  <125 g Fat/day, and ~25g Carb/day. How long, given those details, should I plateau despite being in ketosis every day despite that level of deficit in carbs, calories, etc?(also amount of exercise I can do is limited by knee and hip problems. I use a recumbent stationary bike 60min, 3 times a week)

  3. Love your videos, I'm also from Northern NJ. I was always a Weight Watcher and felt like I was alway hungry. I stressed my body so much with eating low fat and minimal protein , that I put myself back in a Flare with my auto immune disorder Dermatomyositis. I was told to try Low Carb. This is is all new to me being I always ate low fat. So far I'm doing well my goal is to maintain and strengthen my muscles. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the great videos. Im wondering if im not hungry should I eat to stay within my macros or will that kick me out of ketosis. Im also wondering abg blood sugar. Its been 73 to 86 for the last couple of weeks and this morning was 95. No idea why that is.

  5. My rate of loss was 2lbs a week average. Total was 30lbs in 19 weeks, maintaining on keto now with one "free day" a month. That free day usually results in a "gain" of 2-3lbs which is lost a couple days afterwards. Its water weight of course from the carb up. This is a WOE I can live with.

  6. I was a body builder(not a pro) for years and yeah the diet seems stupid to me now….some of my BB friends still do that diet and shun all but the smallest amts of fat in their food. It wrecks havoc on the hair and skin…great video!!!

  7. Great video and information. The only thing that I would add, as a strength coach and martial arts instructor, is strength training/weight bearing exercises are a Must as one gets older. I'm 50 and I train with weights 4 to 5 times a week. Keep up the great work.

  8. The problem is that so many people want to lose weight fast and not for the right reasons. What they don't understand is it will take YEARS to achieve the body you want. You need to fuel your body with foods that promote health and healing. You need to build muscle and lose fat the correct way. This takes time and with lots of periods of trial and error. There's no one size fits all diet and there is no magic food or pill that will make you lose lose 50 lbs in a month without reaping havoc on your metabolism, depleting your body of vital nutrients, and leaving you with sagging skin. No one should be on a weightloss journey, but on a journey to better health. Weightloss is temporary. When you lose the weight, you have to maintain it with a healthy lifestyle. It took me a long time to realize that maintenence is way more important than the weightloss process, because that is where true change is taking place. If you live a healthy lifestyle, you'll have the best body you can possibly have. To change your body, you must first change your mind. Keto on peeps!

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