★This is not my daily coffee. I drink this every once in a while
★If you live in a country like the US where raw eggs carry a risk of salmonella, you might want to leave them out. Several dishes in Japan (where I am) incorporate raw or semicooked egg and salmonella is never a problem.
THIS IS DIFFERENT from what I usually do – I will have another video essay up very soon. This is a quick token of appreciation for my viewers’ patience in waiting for my next video. [Description below]

High Fat Coffee recipe
500ml organic coffee
2 Egg Yolks
2 TBS Flaxseed Oil
10 grams 95% dark chocolate
4TBS of Coconut Oil

■You can be liberal with any of the above, I usually go pretty high on the coconut oil.
■Of course grass fed butter is a good addition, I just couldn’t be bothered to search around Tokyo for it
■Stick to high quality organic coffee, cage free eggs etc [Play around with a couple different coffees until you get the right one that doesn’t give you jitters]
■Ideally want to be drinking this when you’re on minimal carbs (i.e. Your glycogen stores have been depleted)
■Would be best to avoid sweetener [low carb, high fat = good | high carb, high fiber = good | high carb low fiber = bad | high carb high fat low fiber = very bad]

You might call it bulletproof coffee, or butter coffee, it all runs on the same principles: Gives you a great source of quality fats, improving your focus and doesn’t break Ketosis. I’m not saying this makes you a super genius, but I’m running off total 6 hours of sleep for the past 48 hours and my concentration is still great.

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★Didn’t think it was fair to have ads on such a short video, but the music is getting a copyright claim so you may see ads. Even though the song was composed in 1888 and the claim sure isn’t coming from Erik Satie… lose weight intermittent fasting


47 Replies to “(SHORT) High Fat Keto Coffee | Coconut Oil Base”

  1. Is this for people who like coffee or people who like egg yolks and coconut oil? If you like coffee have black coffee or a couple of shots of espresso. If you don't like coffee so much add a bunch of crap to it.

  2. No sweetener, not even stevia? 🙁
    I do my own weaksauce version of bulletproof coffee, with just 1 tbsp of coconut oil and some raw cacao powder. If I remember to do so, I'll add in a pat of cultured butter. The eggs will be cooked on the side ;)

  3. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is purported to contribute to GORD and IBD. Does adding fats negate this? Still having one meal a day? Keep the great content coming!

  4. Hi there – are you still eating just once a day- if so, do you know how much this coffee recipe raises one's insulin? Is it negligible, or do you drink it with your meal? Thanks for any info…..

  5. Can you explain in a "few" words what's going on here in a comment? What are the benefits of this kind of coffee? Or alternately point me to a video where you said it already, I do remember something about all this but I don't know where I've seen/read it.

  6. I like a lot of your videos, but this one seems like you did some google keyword research and saw that high fat, keto, coffee and coconut oil are trending keywords… I'm a coffee afficionado, I have a home espresso machine here in Tokyo what you made in this video is not coffee, it's a fad diet shake with coffee in it.

  7. If low carb is healthy, why on earth are you people always drinking coffee? Why are you dependent on coffee for energy? Something is really wrong. I do the cyclical fasting but not low carb and I have great steady energy without ever touching a cup of coffee.

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