A new cancer treatment that is free has virtually no side effects and can be used in conjunction with other cancer treatments. It involves starving cancer cells of the fuel they the love… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com


16 Replies to “Starving Cancer: Ketogenic Diet a Key to Recovery – CBN.com”

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    He had found the one calm place in the midst of the storm, a quiet voice calling him to earth.

  2. My husband lost 100 lbs in a year doing this diet and now just a few days ago my mom was diagnosed with Small cell lung cancer and they told her she has 3 months to live without treatment and with treatment she may get 6-12 months. I had no idea this diet could kill cancer cells until I saw this. I have been praying for the Lod to show me a way to cure this cancver through his power. Thank you and God Bless you! Now I just gotta get my mom on the right road to eating this way. 

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