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  1. I started the Keto diet 11 days ago. I am 33 and have a bladder disease, chronic pain, fibro, etc. My cortisol level is very elevated. I reduced the amount of medications I was on this past year, gained 30lbs within 3 months, and I was barely eating much of anything. None of my doctors could explain it. My PC Doctor told me she highly doubted I gained weight from elevated cortisol out of nowhere, but that is what happened. I think I may have Cushing's Disease, but I cannot get into an endocrinologist until April to check for pituitary tumors. So, I just knew I COULD NOT gain anymore weight… I'm hoping the Keto diet helps me not gain weight until I can see a specialist, it would be even better if I can lose some though. My cortisol just packs on pounds for no reason and it's awful. Anyways, today I've been really nauseous all day. I tried so hard to hold down food, but couldn't today. The Avocado oil did me in and I had to run and puke 3x today. I've been drinking mint tea with Himalayan pink salt and I feel much better, but still can't eat. I'm trying to sip broth, and I'm taking a Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc supplement as well as D3, omega3, and stress B complex. I read that people don't usually puke on the Keto flu, but I'm afraid to eat anything today. I'm curious- will not being able to eat set me back? I really want to be Keto adapted and I'm not quitting, just really excited to get to the fat burning. I've lost about 5 pounds and I have another 5 pounds that comes and goes.. I believe it is water retention.. Cannot wait to lose actual fat! Also, my Keto strips have shown high ketones in my urine since day 2 (I've been very strict about eating less than 20g of carbs a day). So, I'm just hoping this is my Keto flu and hoping I'll be Keto adapted and burning fat soon. Thanks for the video.

  2. Thank you so much for doing this video!! I was in the middle of the worst "keto flu" didn't think there was any way I was going to be able to continue. I watched this video , went and purchased supplements within 5 hrs I was human again lol . THANK YOU

  3. Fantastic video! Thanks!
    I have a couple of questions. I'm 64 yrs. old and within 1 month of doing keto landed in the E.R. with heart palpitations real bad. My blood work was good. Then it happened again. Blood work fine. Doctor's said to quit keto. Sent me to a heart doc. He said to quit keto. They don't have a clue.I'm thinking maybe I was eating too much sodium?Got my blood pressure too high? I've read other people say they had palpitations also and landed in the E.R. Do you know anything about this? I'm just doing low carb now (30 carbs a day) but only losing 2 lbs. a month! I am very. very frustrated. Help please? I'd sure appreciate it.
    Thanks Joseph.

  4. I never thought about the ramen packets  =)   I love two flavors, but obviously I haven't eaten the noodles in over a year.  I'm 100 days in and I avoided most of the "flu" by supplementing when I started.  No matter what I did, I did have the tiny, annoying headache above the left eye.  Not bad, just annoying.  I started keto on a Tuesday and woke up at 2 AM Friday night in ketosis.  I had a very warm core temperature (felt like I was shedding heat like a stove) and my legs were "shimmery", lol!  But I haven't looked back.  I feel fabulous!  Great info!

  5. Thanks. I really needed this video. Initially I wanted to slowly try implementing the keto diet at first but instead, I ended up starting the keto hard. Meaning I tried to go follow all the strict keto rules. I did experience the keto flu and for me I initially thought it would only take a few days to get over something like the keto flu. I never knew it can go as long as 1-2 weeks. So I ended up doing a lot of refeeds. This also made me feel like crap right after feeling good again for a few minutes. So then, after thinking to myself that I can't do keto, I always ended up going back to the keto diet because this is where my stomach and body still seems to feel most comfortable especially at work without all the bloating and gas and…such and such… It's been about a month and I really think keto is how I can keep my body happy as long as I didn't have some of my major struggles with the sweets and gluten up in my brain.. especially at gatherings, meetings, courses, eatting out with friends, food traditions with families during celebrations or holidays etc. this is where my true downfalls always begin. There's also memory to food we grow up on and how do you ignore mom's traditional cooking? Will I ever go full keto? I am feeling helpless now like this isn't a realistic diet for me. Have you ever had any of these struggles especially at family gatherings too? What about keto for kids? Is this practical for them? Because one day, I worry that if I have kids and I want to be stuck on keto for the rest of my life, that I'd have to always do twice the amount of cooking for two separate diets for the family. Lots of questions I have I know,,, but ones no one has mentioned no matter how many videos I've watched about keto!

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