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9 Replies to “THE KETOGENIC DIET: Why some people gain a few pounds at first”

  1. You look amazing!  I love being on lchf, but my mucus drys up and sticks in my throat and it is very uncomfortabel.  What can I do about this.  I usually give up cuz carbs makes this throat thing go away.  I do want to keep doing lchf!  My weight is fine, I just struggle with hunger when I eat carbs and too much protein.  Help with mucus!!!!

  2. Hi Steph, I'm doing IF fasting for about 2 mos. now and I think I'm ready to switch to Keto diet, what's your thought on this. thanks!
    i'm interested to consult with you.  thanks so much.

  3. Ive been on a ketogenic diet for a while thanks to Dietdoctor.com. Im curious about the dry eyes you did speak about a couple of videos back. I think I might have this problem. Its like picking stones from your eyes. What can I do about it?

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