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Endless Bone Broth Recipe by Jessica Haggard

What you need:
1. 5-6 pound mixture of meaty bones, marrow bones, and knuckle bones
2. ¼ cup acid (limes, lemons, apple cider vinegar)

How to make it
– Dry roast bones at 350* for about 20 minutes until lightly golden brown.
– In a large pot, add lime juice and bones, cover in water. – according to Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions and “Broth is Beautiful”, you should let the bones sit in lime water for 40 minutes. I however, don’t do this specifically, I turn the burner on the lowest setting and figure by the time the pot is hot it’s been at least the required 40 minutes of resting time.
– It is VERY important to ensure a low cooking temperature. Make sure your broth does not boil, it should simmer on low heat.
– Keep the water line over the bones by adding additional water when needed, simmer for a minimum of 24 hours and up to 72.
– Before you filter it, during the last two hours, you have the opportunity to add herbs and veggie scraps like onion, carrot, and celery if you feel inclined. We skip this step and choose to add in salt and dried herbs upon drinking.
– strain through a cheese cloth, fine mesh, a strainer, or whichever tool you have available and refrigerate – it should form a nice thick gel with the tallow solidified over the top. If storing for longer than a week you may need to freeze the broth.
– To make “endless broth”, I strain at 48 hours, recycle the bones with an additional 1-2 pounds of meaty bones. After the initial batch, I strain every 24 hours, add some more bones or a foot and keep it going all week!


26 Replies to “Vlog – Making BONE BROTH – simple recipe for endless bone broth, POWERFUL NOURISHING HEALING FOOD”

  1. HAHA I'm just scrolling through, trying to see who are complaining about the toddler playing with raw meat.. lol

    What do you think kids have done to learn the process for the past 5,000 years. lol They all played with the raw meat.

  2. Thumbs down! Practically 5 minutes into the video and no where near the point of the video. This video has nothing to do with making bone broth. It's about the shirtless guy with his cute family being sellouts.

  3. I'm going to try this.  My granny cooked this way before she had to move from the country.  Probably why my 87 year mother has zero health issues and going strong.  I am SO impressed when the video caught Arianna wiping hands!  Such a smart little girl.  Thanks for sharing.

  4. hey Tristan, long time viewer, love ur stuff. question, is it necessary to cool the broth and re-heat before I consume it, or can I drink it right from the slow cooker when its done cooking?

  5. I halved lemon or lime is more than enough! or
    +also three table spoons of raw unpasteurised a. c. v.
    with the mother!!
    technicaly I would be roasting the bones for 1hr at 400*f

  6. Where in the world can I get a cow foot!?…should I just ask the butcher for 'bones' for bone broth at my local wholefoods?…nice job Jessica!…leave her alone Tristan..loll..

  7. i watched this video with so much interest and was very surprise to understand that this is russian traditional dish – holodec. We eat this on every new year holiday. But we add cocked meat in the jar. i heard americans hate this meat jelly pretty much.

  8. Help. Can we cook this to long? I went for like 6 days in a crock pot. Is this still usable or does the broth go bad after a while. What's the cut of for time with this in a crock pot in warm?? Thank you

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