First weight loss update! It is good news, I am down a few pounds. Plus, we quickly go over the diet I am currently following and what I can’t eat. Trust me, you’ll like the foods!

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8 Replies to “What Is Ketosis? – Vlog #3 – Weight Loss Journey”

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  2. This diet seems to go against everything I've ever heard about dieting (which, let's be real, is basically nothing but "Don't eat fats and carbs. Eat all the fruits and veggies. Also exercise.") so thanks for sharing!!

    Ideas for future videos (in case you needed some lol): 1) Why are you on a keto diet? What are the other options? How does one go about deciding between one diet and another? 2) What are some of the exercises you're learning? How often and for how long do you workout? 3) I'm also really interested to watch more meal prep videos. I'm curious about the kinds of foods/meals you're eating. With weekly meal prep, won't you get sick of eating the same thing every day? You could take us to the grocery store with you, or just film a grocery haul after you get back. And how do you manage to still have "have fun" while dieting? Do you have cheat days or cheat foods?

    But hey, 7 pounds lost in only 11 days?!?! Way to go! #MakeFatExtinct !!

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