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Why Start a Keto Diet? Were We Ever Overweight? | Results | Why We Started and Continue

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A lot of people have requested that we make a video explaning why we started keto and what our results have been so far. In this video we try and address a lot of the questions you may have about us. Why start a keto diet? We’re we ever overweight? Why do we continue to do keto? We do our best to answer all of these and more.

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22 Replies to “Why Start a Keto Diet? Were We Ever Overweight? | Results | Why We Started and Continue”

  1. I found out about keto last year while researching low carb meals. I have pcos so carbs do not mix well with me. I did keto for about 5 months but I wasn't very strict. Unfortunately 5 weeks ago I had a miscarriage. I decided to make keto my lifestyle and so far I'm almost 30 lbs down and 2 pants size smaller!

  2. I have pcos, and my guy and I are wanting to start a family. I was told I need to lose weight in order to get ready for a baby. I researched high and low and found that Keto has had wonderful baby success stories. I'm loving it so far, 20lb down, 50 to go(:

  3. I started due to my significant weight gain since I left the military (40lbs). I have been on keto now for 20 days and I feel great. I've lost 17 lbs and I'm holding steady at 181. I don't even crave carbs as much and knowing about sugar supplements like erythritol really make those sugar cravings less potent. Thank you guys for the awesome recipes and knowledge behind keto. I'm in medical school, so working out is not an option for me on most days. After doing some extensive medical research on keto it is the best option for me and my lifestyle. Keep the vids coming. I love what you guys are doing.

  4. i heard about keto from a mom in a mommy group I'm in. was interested. researched and found you guys!

    I'm really hoping there's an aldi grocery haul/meal prep in there! that's my main grocery store.

  5. Great video as usual, thank you :). I love keto and have been on it for 2 months and 5 days now. I have never been so happy with a diet before. Although this is not a diet for me anymore but a lifestyle. The person that got me interested in keto was Stephanie keto person and then Jason Wittrock. I love this lifestyle because I have crazy energy, feel amazing and my body looks great even though I still have a few pounds to lose. Thank you for the great videos, have learned a lot from your vidoes. God bless :))

  6. Your videos are amazing for many reasons one being you're relatable you're a great team and I love all the recipes. I haven't yet taken the deep dive into keto but am certainly headed in that direction. You both inspire me to keep researching

  7. Again, you two are so freakin adorable!! The chemistry is spot on…Anyway…January 28th will be a year for me on Keto and I am down 10-12 pounds (always fluctuating). I found out about this woe from YouTube and haven't looked back. I am 57, a grandmother and need to keep myself in optimal health for myself, my husband, my four children and my grandbabies. I have struggled my entire life with my weight eating the SAD way and actually, about 5 years ago, lost 54 pounds on Jenny Craig but gained most of that back pretty quickly because I went back to eating the SAD and too much of it. This woe has totally liberated me, released me from the prison of sugar addiction. I can actually feel satisfied with less and not crave more food 24/7. I am not a person who can have just one of anything if it is filled with sugar i.e. One cookie turned into 10 cookies, a couple of chips turned in to a bag, a bowl of pasta turned into 5 bowls and so on. This woe, I eat, I'm full, I stop. Long story short, this woe saved my sanity and my life. My goal is to lose 15 pounds to get my weight into the normal range and no longer be in the overweight range. I will get there as a promise to myself and will let you both know when I do. Your videos, humor, encouragement and awesome information has been an enormous help to me and I so appreciate it. This old lady is done talking now…LOL THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  8. I've been on Keto 3 weeks now and have lost 11 lbs. Glad I heard about this natural way of eating, etc… i don't call it a diet.. but rather a new way of living.

  9. I found out about the ketogenic diet in October, when I was first diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. The day I found out, I immediately cut carbs. Further research, because I am determined to get off the meds, led me to Dr. Jockers, Dr. Mowll, Dr. Berg and wonderful channels such as yours, that promote the keto lifestyle. On Thursday, I went in for my 3 month follow up. I have lost 35 lbs, my A1C dropped from 11% to 5.6%. Fasting blood glucose levels and my thyroid levels are now within proper ranges AND I get to eliminate one of my pills and cut the other in half. This is it for me. The real answer. Thank you for all you both do. I really appreciate it.

  10. Please this is not a Hate comment.(intact love your guys' videos & Im very Thankful for your recipes). But Just curious, Megha : do you have vitiligo on your arms? I see hypo pigmented spots. ( PS Im a MD)

  11. That movie was very eye opening for me, I knew our food was loaded with sugar but wow. I've been paranoid about hidden sugar ever since and started researching and found keto.

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