The Atkins diet created a huge uproar when it first became popular because of some of the significant weight loss that many people were experiencing. A lot of these people, however, also had help and support from professionals. If you want an advantage, try following some of the tips below.

  1. Try a dietary supplement. A weight loss supplement, such as Phentramin, is a great way to safely promote further weight loss and better results. Phentramin helps control your appetite and gives your metabolism a little bit of a boost. This helps you reach your desired weight goal much faster.
  2. Pay close attention to your induction into Ketosis . You can do this by carefully watching your weight. Knowing when you've entered Ketosis is an important part of the overall diets strategy. You know you are in Ketosis when you are losing between 1 – 3 pounds per day. Ketosis may last from one day to several weeks depending on how well you maintain your diet and how long your body needs to remain in Ketosis.
  3. Exercise during your induction phase. This will amplify your initial results as your body sheds excess weight and gets used to its caloric shortage. Exercise benefits any diet or weight loss program, and the Atkins diet is no different. Make sure that you are exercising at levels you are able to comfortable maintain while still challenging your body at the same time. Your exercise could be anything from a brisk walk to a full blown weight and cardio routine.
  4. Stop drinking. Alcohol is high in calories and, as you can probably imagine, is often consumed in excess. I want you to think about something for a second: when you see pictures of bodybuilders, do you ever wonder how they got like that? It was not by binge drinking, that's for sure.

    Excessive alcohol consumption, along with being bad for your liver, usually occurs in the evening. This works against you as it is unlikely that you will become involved in any amount of significant physical activity and the calories that you are consuming will almost certainly be stored in fat cells. To make a long story short, simply stop drinking. Or, if you refuse to stop, greatly reduce your alcohol consumption.

  5. Maintain your focus. Remember that you can drop to a weight loss cycle at any time if you begin to loose weight. DO NOT return to your previous habits as you will more than likely return to your previous weight as well. Keep your mind focused on achieving your goal and, once you have achieved it, maintaining it.

If you are not in it 100% you will not succeed. The Atkins diet is literally laid out in front of you, so as long as you are following along (and perhaps practicing a few of the tips above) you should experience good results.


Source by Ian Mason

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