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  1. what about a shot of single malt whiskey or half glass of dry white wine with the one evening meal in a 21/3 ketogenic intermittent fasting regimen every day? would that be beneficial or detrimental?

  2. The main issue I have with these videos is that it's non drinkers addressing many drinkers. I don't know anyone that has just one drink. You drink alcohol to get a buzz. As long as you fast and eat as little to stay in a deficit for that day you can drink all the light beer, dry wine, or liquor you want. And there is no evidence that doing this every few weeks causes any real damage to your body.

  3. A word of warning to binge watchers – The sound level is way different in these videos. The last one was quieter, so I turned my speaker up. At that level, this one was quite a shock.

  4. I appreciate your lectures. However, i'm perplexed by your stance on Alcohol (a toxin) and aspartame ( a neuro-toxin) and other artificial sweeteners. Alcohol studies from the UK, where the beer and wine lobby is less consequential, suggest that a single dose of alcohol in an appreciable part of the population sets the stage for addiction.

  5. I seem to remember learning that alcohol is one of four items that can go straight through the stomach wall (water is another of the four). The implication is that alcohol can hit the liver and other nearby organs pretty hard. I also THOUGHT I learned that the liver will make a priority of metabolizing or processing alcohol over anything else – like food. This implies that the blood sugar would tend to rise if say, you ate a lot of sugar or concentrated carbs along with the alcohol. Does anyone else remember it this way?

  6. I'm wondering about beans. I'm a type 2 diabetic, and since I've started LCHF back on July 5, my blood sugars have really dropped along with my triglycerides and others. I hear sometimes that you can have beans and peas, and some others say no. I've had some and they didn't seem to significantly affect my blood sugars. What do you think?

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