John from interviews Annette Davidsson who healed her self from Crohn’s Disease which is similiar to Colitis. In this episode she shares her story on how she healed herself without any drugs. The medical doctors told her there is no cure and she would have to live with the pain for the rest of her life. After having a failed surgery she was motivated to find something that would heal her, which she did and is now healthier than ever and free of her Crohn’s disease for good.

In this episode, you will discover the specific foods that she ate to reverse her condition. You will also learn the TOP foods to avoid if you have chron’s or colitis that may make your disease worse!

These digestive disorders including Crohn’s Disease, Colitis, IBD or Irritable Bowel Disease can be healed by simply eating certain foods that will encourage your body to heal without causing constipation or inflammation.

You will also discover the book that changed Annette’s life that empowered her to learn how to live properly so that should would no longer have to live with crohn’s disease for the rest of her life, which is so often the diagnosis for many people affected with this disease. The treatment is medical doctor tested and approved and 99% of all patients achieve results by simply making diet and lifestyle changes and you can too!

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Best Foods to Eat to Heal Crohn’s Disease and Food You Should Avoid


38 Replies to “Best Diet to Heal Crohn’s Disease and Top Foods You Must Avoid”

  1. I have crohns and was just wondering if anyone had any advice on meal replacement shakes as I really want to try them because when I flare, eating solid food is pretty much a no no. I am on medication and also wanted to know if m.r.s can be taken in conjunction with medication. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  2. Vegetables and fruits are healthy,however I don't know why these people have to lie about meat being a bad thing.If some 50 years ago people were fine on eating meat and some last 30 years new modern diesases came up there must be a reason for it.In my opinion you shouldnt blame foods but those who produce them in a way that they are poisons for your bodies.Unhealthy animals being injected with all sort of chemicals and bein fed with foods that are not a part of their healthy diet is a crime against humanity!

  3. This book is absolutely amazing for Crohns and Colitis. Yes, it is a raw foods diet. It tells you exactly which foods you are able to eat as not to irritate your intestines. It is mainly low acidic fruit based for the healing process as the author (who once had colitis and has been healed for many years) knows that raw vegetables are hard on IBD. These are introduced after the healing is done. He writes about everything in complete detail, even giving different instructions depending on if you have moderate or advance disease. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand the origin of IBD and wants to heal themselves completely. I am following the diet in this book and I am healing, not in pain, not on medication, I have more energy, and I feel better than I did before I even had the disease. Pure nutrients are no joke haha 🙂 Yes, the diet is difficult for those who don't like to eat plain foods like fruits, but you get used to it and any salt, sugar, fat addictions you may have will leave your body and you wont have those intense cravings anymore after you get rid of those toxins. Yes, a bowel disease has everything to do with what you put in your bowels. Good luck! Remember to stay strong and don't be hard on yourself, give yourself time and patience.

  4. I am VERY excited about this fundraiser since I myself have crohn's,If everyone donates as little as $1.30 I'll reach my goal for the fundraiser to find cures for Crohn's and Colitis which are digestive diseases that have a variety of symptoms and medical care is expensive. So far there are no cures but you could help change that and make a difference!

  5. I do like that she mentioned that one food may not work for everyone. For me, I can drink caffeinated drinks and be fine, but my friend would be in the bathroom all day if she just took one sip. But when I am flaring there is NOTHING I can eat or drink that makes me feel completely pain free, the only things that do ease it are aloe drinks. So I go from someone slicing my guts up to stomach virus level of pain. But it's the same with surgery, it may help others tremendously while doing nothing for some, my grandfather had the surgery and had part of his esophagus, entire stomach and most of his small intestines removed and replaced with plastic (I think it was plastic) and it stopped his stomach issues, he still had arthritis, and he finally started gaining weight back.

  6. Whole aloe vera leaf not store bought. Eaten at breakfast and after lunch and after dinner. Cut aloe vera and peel green leaf off eat the gel inside. 5 year old mature plant. I live in California aloe vera can grow any where. And I buy mine at a Persian market I found in Orange county. However the aloe vera has a sticker on it saying a Mexican grower in Mexico who grows the plant and distributes to markets. I think if you dont live in California do a search online to find growers maybe you can find the grower to send the plant to you direct and you can freeze it so it doesn't go bad. This has healed me. If you want to know the grower I can try to update and put his website here. Best wishes

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  8. Raw vegtebales and fruits are good for her because they contain insoluble fiber, because she is constipated, but if you have diarrhea never take insoluble faber it will make it worse, take soluble fiber found in grains like wheat and rice, not the whole, but the white, it will help give form to your stool, and reduce the frequency of bowels, and help you gain weight if diarrhea caused weight lose, dairy is bad in both cases

  9. I have had Crohns Disease for 45 years. I have had 3 resections. Once you have a complete blockage you need to have a resection to live. A blockage resection is not elective. There is no cure for the disease and if she done her research the odds are very high Crohns will always return after an operation. This woman is not a good spokeswoman for this disease. Raw vegetables are the worse thing to eat for this disease. Please don't listen to this woman for advise for Crohns Disease. Talk to a well respected GI Doctor. Your diet is important but not her diet. Only vegetables and fruits is a wrong diet and it will not heal you from Crohns. Humira is a medicine that has been a life saver for me and has put my Crohns in remission.

  10. Crohn's is when the body's immune system can't identify good bacteria from bad bacteria due to an issue with chemical signatures assigned to them that should differentiate between which is which. The body then attacks good bacteria along with the bad. With that said, having high sugar diets (refined/processed sugar) can also increase the amount of bad bacteria in the diet and upset the digestive balance. The list goes on about how certain foods can damage the body, so it's not hard to determine these illnesses are linked to diet. Some people seem more susceptible to it though which is gene related, however genes are not the sole determinants of Crohn's. He exact cause hasn't been pinpointed which gives reason to believe a wide array of variables are at play. However, I recall the UK doing a study on this and finding stronger correlations between Crohn's and milk. That is all I know though.

  11. she looks sick and diet is up to what you can handle and don't forget the gallons of steroids which raise your blood sugar and make you more know nothing and you could really hurt someone

  12. Chron's disease is not caused by unhealthy diet, it's a genetic disease, so you get it from someone in your family who is a carrier of the disease. My dad was the carrier and I have Chron's disease!

  13. Thank you for this vid. I had 1 flare of crohns 4 yrs ago when i found out i had it. Jus had another. I am into juicing and semi raw and natural supplements. They wanted me on a ton of meds. I refused. They treat me like i have horns coming out of my head. 4yrs with no symptoms is great and they had no comment. I take l glutamine to heal my gut, cider vinegar with the mother, fennel tea, peppermint, liquid minerals, olive leaf etc. I am going to buy this book bc apparently semi raw or pretty healthy isnt enough. I have narrowing in my small int. Does anyone know if u can reverse that??

  14. First of all i am not opposing trying David Keins book or eating plan but i want to clear up what I consider some misconceptions here. First of all to say as the comment below says, that if she had been following this diet all along she would never had gotten Crohns or Colitis is not true. I am 55 years old and was diagnosed with Crohns as a child and it is genetic in my family. Secondly both these diseases can vary in severity and people can have flareups and then go into remission so not everyone will have the same severity to these illnesses. Further more to suggest the surgery is for Crohns and colitis is ever elective is not accurate. The medical community long ago use to do surgeries anytime a patient had a flareup but patients would end up with colostomy bags and have a higher propensity to colon cancer so now surgeries are done as a last resort. I have had two reconstructive surgeries in 40 years.  Both surgeries were emergency and I was completely septic with ruptured intestines due to a narrowing of the walls of the small intestine and fistulas. Without surgery I would be dead and unable to try this raw foods diet or even comment on this video. So I never think it is responsible for non-medical people to give advice that can actually threaten people's lives like stopping all medication or not having surgeries. Crohns and Colitis are serious and potentially life threatening diseases and while i truly hope  that a change in diet will prove to be the answer I do not believe it is the answer for everyone. Crohns is actually not a curable disease and if they go back and do MRI's the damage from Crohns will still be seen but remissions can last for years. I have had years of being symptom free but that did not mean I was "CURED" from Crohns. Maybe there are people who will be lucky enough to stay in remission for a lifetime but it still does not mean they are living without the autoimmune disease that can lay dormant until it decides to flare up again. I am commenting this long comment which I normally would not do for fear people will throw away their meds and stop seeing their doctors and end up in a serious way. To these Crohns patients I would say try the fruits and vegetables but please don't disregard medical advise. Be careful and go slow. That is my advice as a person with 40 years experience.

  15. I cant agree with what you are saying about diet ive had crohns for 24 years and what i can and cant eat has changed quite alot over the years, food that was ok 2 years ago i cant eat now and some foods i couldnt eat i can eat now, but a fruit n veg diet is something a lot of crohns sufferers cant eat as fruit any kind will cause me serious diarreah and veg constipates me to the point where i end up in hospital, crohns is not diet based its an immune disorder which decides to have a war in the dietry system

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