Bob Briggs is a 50 year old man from Tennessee and has lost 145 lbs in 14 months eating a low carb high fat diet. The reason he made his Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off video is that he believes the life giving message about fat being medicine is not getting out to the people who need it the most. Bob says when we talk about grass-fed meat and free range eggs and organic milk, we have shut out the people on the lower end of the economic scale. They don’t have access to these items and even if they did, they don’t have the money. Bob wants to tell these people that they can get healthy, get rid of their pain, both mental and physical, and lose weight by going down to their local regular supermarket.
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33 Replies to “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off with Bob Briggs”

  1. Hi Bob,
    I have been doing your diet for several weeks now and it definitely is doing something. At first I felt my belly started going down and my energy went through the roof. My energy has dipped in the last couple of weeks and I keep getting brain fog. I am convinced this is the way forward but would appreciate any advice?
    Yours videos are fantastic, thank you.

  2. Hi Bob, I'm ten days in and my blood glucose levels are down from the 11.0-13.0 range. Today I am steady at the mid 7's. It's been creeping down since the third day in! I'm off the statins and the metformin is only two a day instead of four. I'm so happy and the energy is out of this world. The food? Unbelievable. I do fasting too and it works for me. Sometimes for two days. Your awesome, fun to watch, and you don't go into a lot of jargon that we cannot understand. Thanks for the help on finding the right road to travel.

  3. love your information Bob! it put alot of things in perspective. I've been applying keto for 7 weeks now and my muscles don't ache anymore! Also I am losing belly fat! :-)

  4. p.s. even with the wt. stall my hubby noticed my shirt's too big and he said we'll have to get ya some new clothes when ur done…( I have even size in my shed down 5 sizes ) and I want to take a cruise in 2 years…maybe then I wont list the ship to one side. LOL

  5. this is a very tasty lifestyle…I had already gone veggie loading and had lost 16 lbs from that but my wt. stalled so I was lucky I didn't have to get off the junk when I transitioned to this…I really only crave fruit still it's the only thing I struggle with…I tease that I may've been a gorilla in a former life LOL…so 8 flew off in a week from this and yesterday I did one thing wrong and I did not lose a pound…im back on track today…my hubby ate da black eyed peas and I et the greens this year!! got me some kerigold too!! I took all his starchy stuff and put it in one cabinet and put all my delish fatty proteenies ( lol ) in a bin on the floor so I can reach them…my little pesky half feral neglected neighborhood cat is benefitting from all the tasty stuff he gets a fish plate in the morning…thanks Bob.  

  6. i could only dream of having your body sam , actualy i once did , all my life untill i was 23 i was your size , i then had some personal trauma and ended up taking a horrific nhs prescribed drug called venaflaxine for 2 years , i ended up like a walking zombie and weighing nearly 18stone , i managed to get myself off that terrible substance ( behind my doctors back ) and my weight dropped to 16 stone , but i was hoplesy addicted to carbs and sugar by then , i was drinking 2 litres of monster energy drinks and eating takeaways for every meal , i was working nights and sleeping all day , but now ive been doing a low carb diet ive managed to drop a full stone in weight after 5 weeks , and im more determined than ever to get back to your size , im currently at dead on 15 stone .
    my energy has increased so much , im only sleeping 5 hours and i feel great , i only eat  twice a day now instead of all day and im never hungry , it great .
    you guys have changed my life .thank you so much .

  7. I encountered Bob's videos four days ago, and I have to say I was very impressed. He articulates the concepts behind the low carb diet so well. One doesn't have to be well versed in human metabolism to understand Bob's explanation. He conveys information in a way that any laymen can understand what he is saying. I think he will be a great champion for this way of eating. Certainly, his results speak for themselves. 

  8. Love the interview Bob..I use to work in a Factory for 25-yrs and I did the same thing..When break time came me and everyone else would hit the Soda & snack machine's with pure junk in them..I Love the Low-Carb Life-Style and Lot's of butter and fat on my meat's and bacon grease on my green beans…My kids get discussed when I put all that butter on my foods LOL..I am going to show them MOM is going to do this and hopefully fill better…:)

  9. I think that this is my favorite interview of yours, Sam.  I am going to check out Bob's channel out now.  It's nice to see someone from nearby (I'm in Arkansas) do so well on the LCHF lifestyle.  Thanks again for the vid. 

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