Low Carb Chinese Chicken Skillet in Savory Brown Sauce
This is a super versatile recipe that can be used with any combination of meats and vegetables to satisfy cravings for Chinese take-out!

Basic Asian Brown Sauce

2 Tblsp Sesame Oil (or your favorite oil—ghee, coconut oil, or MCT work well)
1 Tblsp fresh garlic (or more)
2 Tblsp fresh ginger (or more)
½ Tblsp fresh turmeric (optional)
3 lbs chicken, cubed

Heat oil in a large skillet or wok. Add garlic, ginger, and turmeric. Heat for a minute or so to get flavors from the spices. Keep skillet on high heat. Add chicken and cook on high heat until browned. Cook chicken for about 20 minutes depending on heat, size of chicken pieces.

Basic Brown Sauce

2 Tblsp Rice Vinegar (no sugar)
2 Tblsp Sesame oil (optional)
½ cup Coconut aminos (or tamari or soy sauce)
1 tblsp Ginger

Add sauce to the chicken slowly and on the side of the skillet so as not to reduce the pan temperature too much. Let chicken simmer in the sauce for 10 to 15 minutes until it’s tender and the sauce reduces. You can also cover the pan and let it simmer to be sure chicken is tender.


1 cup fresh asparagus
1 cup fresh broccoli
1 ½ cup fresh mushrooms
1 cup bean sprouts

½ tsp Glucomannan or Xanthan gum (thickening agent)

When the chicken is browned, add the vegetables, or cook the vegetables in a separate skillet (directions below). Cook the vegetables until crisp tender. When all is done, add ½ tsp of glucamman and stir. Serve over Miracle Rice or cauli-rice and enjoy!

Use your favorite veggies, but mindful of the carb count in each. For this recipe I used asparagus, broccoli, bean sprouts, and mushrooms. Other good options include zuchinni, peppers, snow peas (small amounts), or onion (small amounts).

If you’re using a separate skillet as I did, make another recipe of brown sauce and add it to the vegetables. Keep on high heat and let the sauce reduce. The vegetables are done when they are crisp-tender. You don’t want to the veggies to be too soft. Add to the chicken and enjoy!


19 Replies to “Chinese Take-Out: Low Carb Chicken Skillet”

  1. Are you using a Le Creuset pan? I am looking closely at cookware when I see demos so I can make a decision on what to get. Do you like this skillet and please let me know what it is. Great demonstration. Thank you.

  2. (Tip on peeling ginger) use the spoon to scrape the skin from top to bottom rather then bottom to top and it goes really quickly. 🙂 You lose very little of the flesh using the spoon rather than a knife or peeler. :)

  3. This looks delicious definitely going to give it a try..
    I grew my own Ginger and Tumeric this year it was so easy, I just broke a bit of off some that I had bought and popped it into a garden bed, when it started to sprout the plant looked very plain but once it was dug up I had plenty to give to the family and I froze the rest….

  4. Oh my! I am so going to have to make this! What brand of sesame oil do you use? I have 2 brands. The Flora brand has an unpleasant smell and I'm afraid to use it because of that. The Imperial brand is what I usually use. Tall, clear, skinny bottle with a yellow cap and it smells really good.

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