This is a video of my progress with the keto diet / cyclic ketogenic diet / CKD so far.

I don’t go in to what foods i eat, but I have 6 meals (intakes of food) per day. I aim for 30g protein and 30g fat per meal plus veg. I don’t eat any starchy carbs sunday-friday but probably get around 20-30g of incidental carbs for my whey powder, peanut butter and veg.

Message me if you’d like any more details!

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13 Replies to “Cyclic Keto Diet – CKD – Ketogenic – Ketosis”

  1. So how does your workout routine align with your diet schedule or do you just work out everyday? Also, what kind of carbs do you eat, do you go for high GL/GI or does it matter?

  2. Good video, but a few minor issues. Ketogenic diets cause you to burn the fat you eat, not bodyfat. It's still about calories. Ketogenic/low carb diets can make it easier for some people to stick to their diet. That's the main benefit from these diets. I done this before but my calories where just to high so not much results. Trying again but, of course now with a lower caloric intake.

  3. What are the sort of foods you eat to keep fat high and carbs really low? Because I'm looking at being under 40-50 carbs a day which is going to be difficult while getting in a fair amount of protein and fat

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