Learn how to make your own nut butters and low-carb desserts

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16 Replies to “Eating Keto While Traveling”

  1. what about olive oil? I am greek, and so fresh or steamed vegetables with lots of uncooked organic virgin cold pressed olive oil, sea or Himalayan salt, pepper, and maybe lemon is part of my daily intake. sometimes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I find the combo simple and delicious.

  2. Be cautious about Brazil Nuts though – it will surely increase Selenium beyond the Tolerable Upper Limit and may cause various toxicity symptoms. Your kidneys will have to work harder too to excrete the excess Selenium.

  3. Dude , all these canned and packaged food is a toxic garbage , I hope you don't eat them on regular basis .
    You need RAW coconut cream or raw unpasteurized butter or cream for optimum health . Nut or seed butters are very unhealthy too – they contain phytates .

  4. After almost a year of keto I'm experiencing a fair bit of joint pain and soreness in my shoulders and neck. I think it's related to not having enough glucose to produce proteoglycans. Could this be a valid concern and source of the discomfort? Have you come across this before and how can I remedy it while remaining in ketosis?

  5. You could use almost boiling water to heat the coconut and mix it evenly. Even microwave the water if you have to and just sit the jar within it. kind of a last resort but could work if you're in a pinch

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